Sunday, 15 July 2018

July 9th and 15th (New Hythe)

Two ringing sessions in the west scrub (2X 40ft) 07:00 - 09:30.


Nightingale  9  juveniles

Blackcap  10  juv

Chiffchaff  1 adult + 1 re trap from earlier this year

Robin  2  juv

Common Whitethroat  2  juv

Reed Warbler  5 juv + 2 adults

Song Thrush  1 juv

Great Tit  1 Juv

Dunnock  3 juv

TOTAL  36 +  1 re trap

From Top Reed Warbler imm,Chiffchaff (moulting ad) Nightingale imm

Saturday, 7 July 2018

July 7th (New Hythe)

Remaining very warm (2 x 40ft west scrub) 07:00 - 09:00.


Nightingale  3 juv

Blackbird  1 adult

Reed Warbler  2 juv

Blackcap  4  juv

Wren  1  juv

Cetti`s Warbler  1 adult,from last year (re-trap).

TOTAL  11 + 1 re-trap

Friday, 6 July 2018

July 6th (Oare marsh)

Oare marsh is well worth a visit at the moment - Black Winged Stilts 2 adult and 2 immature,L R Plover,Ruff,Spotted Redshank and of course the Bonaparte`s Gull.

Sunday, 1 July 2018

July 1st (HEADCORN)

Jeanette and I spent a very nice afternoon.Watching the Headcorn air show,from the comfort of Bob and Ann Bland`s garden (our thanks to them both)

June 30th (New Hythe)

Overcast to start,clear and very warm later (west scrub) 07:00  - 10:00)


Blue Tit  1 juv

Bullfinch  1 ad

Treecreeper  1 juv

Nightingale 1 juv

Common Whitethroat  1 juv

Lesser Whitethroat  1 juv

Blackcap  6 juv

Chiffchaff  7 juv + 1 ad and one re trap from this year

Reed Warbler  1 juv

Dunnock  1 juv

TOTAL  22 + 1 re trap

From top Nightingale juv

Chiffchaff  juv

Chiffchaff  adult

Common Whitethrat  juv

Lesser Whitethrat  juv

Treecreeper  juv

Nightingale  juv

Wednesday, 20 June 2018

June 20th (New Hythe)

I had a nice little session in the west scrub this morning,nice variety,but no decent numbers as yet.(07:00 - 09:30) cloudy,brighter later.(2X40 west scrub).

Notable birds seen - 3 noisy Oystercatchers over,2 Med Gulls over and 1 Linnet seen in the east scrub.


Great Spotted Woodpecker  1 adult  1 juvenile

Blackcap  2 juvenile

Dunnock  1 adult

Long tailed Tit  1 juvenile

Wren   1  juvenile 

Nightingale  1  juvenile 


From top  Green Woodpecker,Blackcap (juv),Nightingale,Grey Wagtail (juv) and one of our garden juvenile Blackbirds).

Tuesday, 12 June 2018

June 12th (Oare Marsh)

I went to Oare marsh this morning,with Bob Bland and the two Geffs (08:30-11:00).( dull,with a cold northeasterly).Our target bird was the returning Bonaparte`s Gull (now its sixth year).

We found the bird feeding along Faversham creek,mainly in the area of the out flow.Its still in full breeding plumage and looks immaculate.