Thursday, 8 August 2019

August 1st 3rd 8th (New Hythe)

I was ringing in the West scrub (2X40)  07:00  10;00.


Blackcap                 23

Green Woodpecker 1

Bullfinch                 2

Chaffinch                1 unusual catch in the West scrub at this time of the year.

Nightingale             7

Willow Warbler       1  nice surprise catch on the 8th,most probably a migrant.I personally had no breeding records in the area this year,for the first time.

Reed Warbler          2

Garden Warbler      2

Blue Tit                   1

Common Whitethroat 1

TOTAL                        41

Friday, 2 August 2019

August 2nd (Sandwich Bay)

I spent the morning ringing.The majority of birds we caught were local youngsters,which included  two Green Woodpeckers.About fifteen Willow Warblers though.were clearly not local and were on the move.
The nets were taken down around mid-day.After which I went and had a look at Restharrow scrape.

Photos Top  adult Willow Warbler Wood Sandpipers Little Ringed Plover juv and Garganey.



Monday, 8 July 2019

July 8th/12th/24th/28th (New Hythe)

I was ringing in the west Scrub  (2X40) 07:30 - 10:00)


Nightingale        7 (juv)

Chiffchaff           6 (juv)

Blackcap             26 (juv)

Robin                  4 (juv)

Dunnock             2 (juv)

Reed Warbler      1ad 2(juv)

Garden Warbler   2 (juv)

House Sparrow    1 ad (F) unusual catch for the west scrub

Wren                    4 (juv}

Cetwa                   2 (juv)

Treecreeper          1 (juv)

Great Tit               2 (juv)

TOTAL                 60


Monday, 1 July 2019

July 1st (Snodland)

Yellowhammer (family party) fields between Snodland and Paddlesworth (cereal/hay).

Tuesday, 4 June 2019

May 18th-27th (KAZAKHSTAN)


The bird I most wanted to see on this trip (its not seen every year),was Pallas`s Sandgrouse and I am pleased to say,we saw ten.

Another bird near to the top of my wish list,was,Himalayan Snowcock.Instead of the expected scope view of a bird high up on some ridge.We were treated to close views of a bird from the coach.

It proved to be a well organised trip,with great birds and company.