Saturday, 29 September 2012

September 29th (Sandwich Bay)

Sparrowhawk (young male)
Richard`s Pipit
Most of our summer breeding Warblers (apart from Blackcap and Chiffchaff) are now being replaced at the Bay by Finches and Pipits.
A nice surprise caught in the nets this morning was a Richard`s Pipit,a young bird of the year.This bird breeds in Siberia and winters mainly from Pakistan - Malaysia,with smaller numbers wintering south of us in North Africa.
Richard`s Pipit
note the very long hind claw

Sunday, 23 September 2012

September 32rd (Sandwich Bay)

Coal Tit
No Yellow-browed Warbler this morning,but the capture of two Coal Tits was almost as rare at the Bay.
We had the nets down by 09:50,due to the onset of rain.
Birds ringed.
Coal Tit 2
Blackbird  1
Chiffchaff 14
Blackcap 7
Dunnock 1

Monday, 17 September 2012

September 17th (Dungeness)

Pectoral Sandpiper
Great White Egret
I had a bit of luck today along with Bob Bland,Jeff Wynn and Trevor Maynard.We were in one of the hides at Dungeness over looking the Burrows Pit when we were treated to a fly past by a White-rumped Sandpiper.
Unfortunately we only had in view for a matter of seconds (five at the most),before it flew out of sight. Trevor also heard the bird call,which he said was high pitched.Although we stayed in the area for the remainder of the morning and into the early afternoon it was not seen again.We will not be writing a description due to the very brief view.

Other birds of note seen - Great White Egret,Common Redstart,Dengemarsh) Pectoral Sandpiper,Little Stint and Pintail 6,ARC,Peregrine and Knot,Burrows Pit.  
Pintail (ARC Pits)

Thursday, 13 September 2012

September 13th (GARDEN SKYWATCH)

Any thoughts on the above bird please.I had only been watching for five minutes or more when it came into view.It was almost directly overhead,which is often the case ( I watch a relatively small area of sky looking north).At no time did it change its mode of flight,so the above jizz is all I have to go on.Could it be just a Common Buzzard,my elusive Honey,or a Harrier (Marsh),its wings look rather angular to me for it to be a Buzzard,but I stand to be corrected.

Ten minutes later a Sparrowhawk came over terrorizing the local Starling flock.
Sparrowhawk (male)

Tuesday, 11 September 2012


September 11th (Garden)
When I can snatch thirty or so minutes,I quite often do a skywatch in the back garden,usually during the afternoons.So far this year I have had sightings of four Hobbies,numerous Sparrowhawks,six Common Buzzards,four Kestrals and one Red Kite.
This afternoon I had only just started watching (1500) when a large brown bird passed over SW.I first had a side on view and then a rear as it passed over a nearby roof.To cut it short,I`m thinking Honey Buzzard,but I just couldn`t get enough on it.I was compensated in some small way however five minutes later when a Hobby came into view.
September 8th.
Today I spent the morning ringing at Sandwich Bay.In all we ringed just over eighty birds,most were caught in the Maize field,these included - Sedge Warbler 40,Reed Warbler 13,Chiffchaff 17.Garden Warbler 1,Swallow 3 and Cetti`s Warbler 1.
One of the most interesting birds we caught was a Willow Warbler with a very high w.t. of just over 14grams.
September 4th (Sevenoaks)
This afternoon I saw a Common Swift over Knole Park.

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

September 3rd (Dungeness)

Roseate Tern
I went to Dungeness this morning with Bob Bland.Our first stop was the A.R.C.Pit,where we met up with Trevor Maynard.

A.R.C.Pit,birds of note -  Knot 4,Dunlin 6,Little Stint 4,Black-tailed Godwit 1,Golden Plover 20,Lapwing 300+,Little Gull 1,Common Sandpiper 1,Pintail 2,Wigeon 3 and Little Egret 6.The Great White Egret had flown over to the Dengemarsh area just before we arrived.

With a light wind today,there wasn`t much of a sea bird movement.However over the patch we saw good numbers of Common Terns,with singles of Black,Sandwich and Roseate,a few Arctics were also identified.
Little Gull
The above Little Gull was seen hawking for insects over the A.R.C.Pits.
Black Tern

Sunday, 2 September 2012

August 31st-September 2nd (Sandwich Bay)

Backsand scrape (wader ringing site)
When I arrived at Sandwich Bay Bird Observatory at 5:pm on Friday,for a wader ringing session,I didn`t know what I was letting myself in for.I`ve been on numerous waders ringing session in other parts of Kent in the past,but then you usually met up by say 8:pm and was home in bed by 3:am.This however was a twelve hour shift,7:pm - 7:am.I`m not complaining though on the contrary,it was very enjoyable,although  I must admit rather tiring.

Birds ringed - Wood Sandpiper 1,Dunlin 2,Redshank 7,Common Sandpiper 7 and Ringed Plover 2.
Wood Sandpiper (young bird)
On arriving back at the obs,some of us die hards had the passerine nets up by and then ringed through until the early afternoon.I had a fish and chip supper in Sandwich,went to bed at nine and was up again at 3:am,for another days ringing,some of of oldies can keep going.

Birds ringed House Martin 80+,Grasshopper Warbler 5,Whinchat 2,Redstart 1,Pied Flycatcher 1,boosted by good numbers of Willow Warblers,46 Sedge and 24 Reed Warblers,along with smaller numbers of Yellow Wagtails and Chiffchaffs.

A Wryneck was heard calling and a Honey Buzzard flew over on Sunday.
Yellow Wagtail (young bird,perhaps M.f.flava)
Pied Flycatcher ( young male)
During the late afternoon on Saturday I  had a look at Restharrow scrape and saw,three Little Egrets and singles of Curlew and Green Sandpiper.
Little Egrets