Tuesday, 25 August 2015

August 25th (New Hythe)

Reed Warbler
0600-0830 E/W scrub (2X 40ft).


Blackcap  (12)

Bullfinch (2) + (1) re trap,all juv

Garden Warbler  (1) forth this year

Wren  (1)

Reed Warbler  (2)

Blue Tit  (1)

TOTAL  (19) + (1) re trap
Blackcap and Garden Warbler

Saturday, 22 August 2015

August 22nd (Sandwich Bay and Oare marshes)

Clear,light SE (0600-1300).

A Spotted Flycatcher was a nice surprise in the nets this morning.Swallows and House Martins were on the move,but the sun full on the nests ment a low catch again.


Robin  (3)

Linnet  (1)

Blackcap  (7)

ReedWarbler  (2)

Spotted Flycatcher  (1)

Garden Warbler  (2)

Blue Tit  (1)

Great Tit  (1)

Greenfinch  (1)

Wren  (1)

Willow Warbler  (4)

Swallow  (4)

TOTAL  (28)
On my way home,I called in on Oare marshes.I was hoping to see the White-rumped Sandpiper again,but this time in much better light.Unfortunately the bird had departed,I was told on Thursday.I did however see a nice Black Tern,a first for the year.
Dunlin,Little Stint and Ruff

Thursday, 20 August 2015

Sunday, 16 August 2015

August 16th (Sandwich Bay and Oare marshes)

I was at Sandwich again this morning (0530-1300).


Willow Warbler  (6)

Blackcap  (6) + (3) re traps

Robin  (1)

Green Woodpecker  (1) re trap

Reed Warbler  (4) + (1) re trap

Common Whitethroat  (3)

Garden Warbler  (3)

Chiffchaff  (1)

Blue Tit  (1)

Greenfich  (7) + (2) re traps

Chaffinch  (3) + (1) re trap.

Jackdaw  (1)

During the week an Icterine Warbler was trapped.The first rarity of the autumn.
On my way home from Sandwich.I called in on Oare marshes to see the White rumped Sandpiper.On my arrival the bird was feeding with a flock of Dunlin close to the road (east flood)
White rumped Sandpiper (adult)

Little Stint (imm)

Saturday, 15 August 2015


Jeanette and I spent the afternoon watching the Headcorn air show from Bob and Ann Bland`s garden.The bird watching was also good with one Sparrowhawk,four Common Buzzards and best of all an Ospey which passed over NW at 1230.Thanks to Bob and Ann.


Sparrowhawk and Common Buzzard

Friday, 14 August 2015

August 14th (New Hythe)

Lesser Whitethroat (imm)
Overcast and calm,west/east scrub.(0530-0900).

The only bird in song this morning was a lone Song Thrush.


Wren  (2) juv

Blackcap  (7) imm

Lesser Whitethroat  (1) imm

Common Whitethroat  (1) imm

Garden Warbler  (2) imm

Greenfinch  (1) ad and (1) imm

Blackbird  (1) ad and (2) imm

Song Thrush  (1) imm

Blue Tit  (1) juv

Great Tit  (1) imm

Bullfinch  (1) juv

Goldfinch  (1) ad and (1) imm

Reed Warbler  (1) imm

TOTAL (25)
Common Whitethroat (imm) and Bullfinch (juv)

Monday, 10 August 2015

August 10th (Sandwich Bay)

Skylark (immature) a scarce bird to find in the nets these days.
It was a long ringing session today.Firstly were ringed in the Maize field from 0530,to around 0900.. and then from there were moved into the usual ringing area (White House) from 0930-1530.

Four Yellow Wagtails that flew over while we were at the Maize field,were notable.


Sedge Warbler  (41)

Reed Warbler  (31)

Skylark  (1)

Reed Bunting (1)

Common Whitethroat  (1)


Kestral  (2)

Swallow  approx  (80)

House Martin  approx  (80)

Sand Martin  approx (15)

Willow Warbler  approx (3)

Chiffchaff  (1)

Saturday, 8 August 2015

August 8th (Sandwich Bay)

light overcast to start,clear later,easterly.(0530-1200).

Nice selection of birds this morning.Best of the bunch being a Nightingale.These are rather scarce at the Bay and are usually found during the spring.


Nightingale  (1)

Great Tit  (1)

Green Woodpecker  (1)

Garden Warbler  (2)

Willow Warbler  (5)

Reed Warbler  (31)

Sedge Warbler  (4)

Common Whitethroat  (1)

Swallow  (1)

Greenfinch  (5)

Blackbird  (1)

Robin  (1)

Wren  (1)

T0TAL  (55)

Saturday, 1 August 2015

August 1st (Sandwich Bay)

Garden Warbler
The last two days at the Bay,saw the first significant arrivals of Warblers.On the 30th,Willow Warblers numbered 60,along with 2 Wood Warblers and the 31st saw 30 Willow Warblers,8 Lesser Whitethroats and a Redstart.

This morning was a lot slower,with just a handful of Willow Warblers,Reed Warblers,Common Whitethroats and 2 Garden Warblers being ringed.

After finishing ringing at the Bay.Myself and three others met at Ian and Sally Hunters house to help ring a brood of four House Martins.A colony are nesting in artificial nests under the eaves of their house.

This is something I have always though about doing (erecting House Martins boxes).Now I have seen it working,I might just get around to actually doing it.