Monday, 29 November 2010

November 29th (Brookland lake)

Cold again but bright,light dusting of overnight snow.
I went back to Brookland lake this morning and finally managed to take some pics of the elusive GOOSANDER.
The Slavonian Grebe is still present on the lake and a Chiffchaff was seen feeding along the edge of the reeds.
The Slavonian Grebe is still present on the lake.

Sunday, 28 November 2010

November 28th (New Hythe)

Remaining very cold,calm with a hard frost.
Birds of note this morning were (10) Teal and (1) drake WIGEON on Tesco lake and a small flock of REDPOLLS which were feeding in the Willows on the edge of the Brookland car park.

The Slavonian Grebe was seen again on Brookalnd lake.

Saturday, 27 November 2010

November 27th (Brookland lake)

While I was watching the Slavonian Grebe this morning I noticed a red head GOOSANDER go down on the far side of the lake.I walked around for a closer look but when I arrived it was no where to be seen.Mind you the steam cloud from the paper mill hanging over parts of the lake didn`t help in trying to relocate it.I did go back later during the afternoon to try and find it but I think it must have flown.
Also on the lake were (36) Tufted Duck (16) Shoveler (22) Pochard and (4) Gadwall.A small Siskin flock was feeding in the Alders along the northern bank.

The Goldeneye was seen on the Trout lake at Leybourne.

Friday, 26 November 2010

November 26th (New Hythe)

The morning was clear and calm,which made a nice change from yesterdays very cold northerly wind 8.30am-10.30am.
I only went as far as Brookland lake and the river this morning.
Four Lapwing that I saw along the river were the first for a while,at least along this stretch.On the lake the Slavonian Grebe was showing well and at one stage came in close to the northern bank.I decided it might be a good idea to wait by one of the fishing platforms and try to ambush it as it came past.However,just as I had got into position up came Phil Sharp and Greenie (nice to see you both).Of course while I was talking to them both,up it popped and not being at the ready I lost the opportunity for a photo.I didn`t give up however and moved on to the next platform and only after a short wait up it popped again.This time I was ready for it and managed to fire off several shots but although it was very close,I was looking into the light.You can`t win them all but then there is always tomorrow.

November 25th (New Hythe/Leybourne)

I had a walk around the lakes this morning between - 10.30 am.I wanted mainly to check up on wildfowl numbers- totals were Pochard (27) Tufted Duck (225) Shoveler (12) Gadwall (15) Teal (62) the latter were seen along the river, Mallard (35) which included (20) along the river, Little Grebe (16) which included (7) 0n the river, Great Crested Grebe (32) which included (12) on Abbey Mead,Coot (400) and Slavonian Grebe (1) on Brookland lake.
I had a quick look for the Goldeneye which has been present on the Trout lake but I didn`t see it.

I had a Blackcap in the garden today,which is the first for this autumn/winter period and a second Reed Bunting.

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

November 23rd (New Hythe)

Two red-head GOOSANDER and one SLAVONIAN Grebe seen on Brookland lake this morning are hopefully forerunners of more goodies to come,what with the weather due to turn much colder later on during the week.The only other highlights this morning was the continued presence of the Siskin flock at the southern end of the railway lake and the Goldeneye at Leybourne.

Before I went home I looked in on the Goldeneye which is still present on the Trout lake at Leybourne.

Sunday, 21 November 2010

November 21st (Leybourne)

I looked in on Alders lake this morning.I`m Pleased that I did because I had (14) Pochard which is the highest number I have had so far this autumn.Even better however was a GOLDENEYE which I found on the small Alders lake (Trout Lake).This is the same small lake which held two Goldeneye for much of last winter.Although I took numerous pics the above is the best I could manage due to the very dull conditions.

Friday, 19 November 2010

November 19th (New Hythe)

I popped down to the streamside lake between to see if the Bittern was showing that Phil had seen there earlier during the week.Although the conditions were ideal,nice and calm,I had no luck.I did however see a small flock of Siskins in the company of Goldfiches feeding in the Alders that run along the southern edge of the lake.I also had a look at the scrub areas and noted that the west scrub in particular held good numbers of Redwing,at least (50) along with a small number of Fieldfare and Greenfinch,all of which were presumably feeding on the abundant hawthorn crop.

In the garden the first Reed Bunting of the autumn was seen,it was feeding on some seed I had put out on the lawn.Three Goldfinch were also present on the Nyger feeder.

Thursday, 11 November 2010

November 11th (Garden)

There was only one thing for it this morning,what with the wind and rain and that was to stop indoors and watch the birds in the garden.I saw (2) Blackbirds,10-15 House Sparrows,(4) Blue Tits,(1) Wren,(30) Starlings,(4) Chaffinch,(8) Goldfinch(which is the most I have seen in the garden) and (1) Greenfinch.The latter species is now a very scarce visitor,so I was pleased to see it.Only thing was the next time I looked out of the window,a bloody cat was running off with it.I`ve put wire netting all round the edge of the lawn area which had been quite effective in stopping the cats,but some how this one managed to get through,it probably went underneath.

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Starling recoveries

So far this year I have had three Starling recoveries back from the BTO.All three birds were ringed in my garden at Snodland (Kent) and found locally.

LB39262 was ringed on the 23 02 10 as a 5F ( hatched during 09) and found dead at Halling Kent on the 17 03 10. (taken by a Sparrowhawk) 2Km N,22 days later.

LB39261 was ringed on the 19 02 10 as a adult M and found dead at Snodland Kent on the 09 05 10 (freshly dead) 0Km,79 days later.

LB39239 was ringed on the 02 08 09 as a 3j M (hatched during 09) and found dead at Snodland Kent on the 12 06 10 (caught by a cat whilst roosting in a loft) 0Km,314 days later.


RK63232 was ringed as a adult F on the 10 05 94 at Snodland Kent and found dead at Snodland Kent on the 20 06 02 (killed by a cat) 0Km,2963 days later.

XR21154 was ringed as a 3F (ringed during 92) on the 20 11 92 at Snodland Kent and found dead at Snodland Kent on the 22 03 98 (killed by a cat) 0Km 1948 days later.

RJ33837 was ringed as a adult on the 18 02 92 at Lower Rainham,Kent and found dead at Lower Rainham,Kent on the 05 05 93 (hit window) oKm 442 days later.

RJ33881 was ringed as a 3j (ringed during 92) on the 30 05 92 at Lower Rainham,Kent and found dead at Lower Rainham,Kent on the 07 08 92 (killed by a cat) oKm 69 days later.

RH87495 was ringed as a 3jM on the 11 07 91 at Motney Hill,Gillingham,Kent and found dead at Gillingham,Kent on the 03 10 91 (hit window) 2 Km S,84 days later.

RH59914 was ringed as a 3F (hatched during 90) on the 16 07 90 at Berengrave Pit,Gillingham,Kent and found dead at Rainham,Kent on the 30 09 93,3Km S,1172 days later.

RH87416 was ringed as a 3F on the 12 11 90 at Kingsnorth Power Station,Kent and found dead on Burntwick Island,Medway eastuary,Kent on the 17 02 91 5Km S,97 days later.

RE82805 was ringed as a adult M on the 29 04 89 at Aylesford (sewage works) Kent and found dead at Aylesford,Kent on the 15 01 92 (killed by a cat) 1Km E,991 days later.

H181123 was ringed as a pulli (still in the nest) on the 05 06 88 at Korvekula,Tartu,regeon,
Estoniya,U.S.S.R. and found dead at Larkfield,Kent on the 28 01 90 (killed by a cat) 1858 Km W, 602 days later.

RC84025 was ringed as a adult F on the 25 05 88 at Aylesford,Kent and controlled (released) at Aylesford sewage works on the 06 05 89 1Km E.

XP68946 was ringed as a adult F on the 25 05 87 at Aylesford,Kent and controlled (released) at Aylesford sewage works,Kent on the 24 04 89 1Km E.

XP47393 was ringed as a 3F (hatched during (86) on the 06 12 86 at Iwade,Kent and found breeding at Czluchow,Slupsk,Poland,on the 31 03 87 1153Km,NE,115 days later.

At Iwade the nets were set in an old Apple orchard which attracted thousands of Starlings,most of which were Continental birds.

XJ02939 was ringed as a adult F on the 03 11 85 at Iwade,Kent and found dead at Brechley,Tonbridge,Kent,on the 20 06 87 34Km SW 594 days later.

XJ02998 was ringed as a 3M (ringed during 85) on the 23 11 85 at Iwade,Kent and shot at Newmarket,Cambridgeshire (shot in a cattle shed) on the 08 02 86,89Km N,77 days later.

XP07397 was ringed as a 3J (hatched during 84) on the 22 05 84 at Snodland,Kent and found dead at Snodland Kent on the 10 08 84 0Km 80 days later.

Ringing has shown that our resident population of Starlings is augmented by immigrants during the winter from northwest continental Europe.These birds arrive in the country from late October into November.
Cats kill millions of birds in Britain each year.

November 10th (New Hythe)

Clear with a brisk northerly wind
Brookland lake - Tufted Duck (40) Shoveler (4) Mallard (3) and Great Crested Grebe (3).
Abbey Mead lake - Great Crested Grebe (6) Pochard (2) Tufted Duck (20) Little Grebe (2) and Coot (20).
Railway Lake - Pochard (4) Gadwall (4) Tufted Duck (22) Great Crested Grebe (1) Little Grebe (2) and Coot (23).
Streamside lake - Gadwall (18) Tufted Duck (32) and Mallard (6).
River - Little Egret (1) Teal (26) Mallard (6) Little Grebe (3) Redshank (2) and Grey Heron (2).
At least (50) Redwing were in the area and there had probably been a small influx of Blackbirds.Two Pheasants were seen in the Abbey Mead area and a total of (3) Great Spots were noted.

Wednesday, 3 November 2010


WILDFOWL Shoveler (1) New Hythe 6th,Gadwall (1) New Hythe 6th Pochard (130 New Hythe 6th Red-breasted Merganser (12) New Hythe 6th Wigeon (7) New Hythe 27th Brent Goose (500) SW over Snodland 2nd.WADERS Ruff (1) New Hythe 6th (1) Burham marsh 11th Green Sandpiper singles New Hythe 8th and 13th Dunlin (20) New Hythe 16th Woodcock (2) Burham 11th LITTLE GULL (1) New Hythe (Abbey Mead) 5th STOCK DOVE (20) Burham 22nd FIELDFARE and REDWING (100) of each Burham 22nd BEARDED TIT up to (15) at Burham during the month.GOLDCREST good numbers in the area during the month.CORN BUNTING roost of up to (100) at Burham marsh.

Monday, 1 November 2010

November 1st (New Hythe)

Nice day,light NW. - high tide.
Since my last visit a few days ago,wintering wildfowl numbers have at last started to build up.
Birds that I noted were - Brookland lake- Tufted Duck (50) Pochard (5) Coot (25) and Little Grebe (1) a Grey Wagtail flew over.
Abbey Mead lake - Tufted Duck (15) Coot (25) Great Crested Grebe (9) and Pochard (2).
Railway lake - Tufted Duck (15) Pochard (2) Coot (20) Great Crested Grebe (2) and Little Grebe (5).
Johnsons lake - Shoveler (1) Coot (45) Tufted Duck (20) Great Crested Grebe (3) Mallard (6) and Chiffchaff (1).
Little Tesco - Pochard (3) Coot (20) and Tufted Duck (10).
Big Tesco lake - Coot (150) Great Crested Grebe (4) Tufted Duck (40) and Whooper Swan (1).
Streamside lake - Gadwall (8) Tufted Duck (40) Shoveler (3) Coot (25) and Mallard (5).
Redwings are still present in the area and as I was walking back to my car along the millstream path,a flock of (80) Fieldfare flew over NW.