Wednesday, 30 September 2009

New Hythe,September 30th.

1300-1330.Most times I visit the lakes I have a quick look at the wader scrape to see what has dropped in.These days though its hard to get a good clear view of the exposed muddy edges due to the growing reed- beds,however today I actually found two waders,a Common Snipe and a Green Sandpiper.Other birds present were - 150 B h Gulls,several Common Gulls,2 Cormorant,2 Little Grebe,1 Heron,2 Mallard and 2 Wigeon.

Halling Common,September 29th.

7:45am -,quite clear,light west.Birds of note,Little Egret 1,which flew north,Cetti`s 3,Snipe 1,Stonechat (male and female),Linnet 6,Meadow Pipit 40+ (feeding),Pied Wagtail 1,Sedge Warbler 2,Chiffchaff 2,Lapwing 18 (resting on marsh),Goldfinch 10,Greenfinch 4,Magpie 15,Swallow 3,Skylark 4 (over),Reed Bunting 6,Yellowhammer 4,Chaffinch 2 and Sparrowhawk 2, one of which was seen in the distance over the Downs at Upper Halling along with 1 Buzzard.

Alba Wagtail numbers have been noticeably low for quite a few years now in this part of the Medway valley.

Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Abbey Mead,September 29th.

1300-1330,sunny,light west,birds seen - Pochard 2 drakes,1 female,Gadwall 8,Wigeon 16,Shoveler 6,Tufted Duck 60+,Coot 93,Little Grebe 2, G C Grebe 3,Mute Swan 4,Mallard 8 and Kestral 1.
September 29th 1980,cloudy during the morning,sunny afternoon,light southwest.

ABBEY MEAD LAKE - Pochard 85,Shoveler 1,Tufted Duck 21,Little Grebe 3,Tree Sparrow 2 over west,few high flying Song Thrush,small number of Swallows over south,good numbers of Goldfinch about,Chaffinches were passing over in small flocks north west,only one warbler was seen a Chiffchaff.

September 29th,1965.

White-winged Black Tern,one was seen at Leybourne.

Monday, 28 September 2009

New Hythe and Halling (Common)September 28th.

I walked round the lakes between 745am-930,weather,still,with a flat overcast sky.Most of the wildfowl were again present on Abbey Mead (very little was on Brookland again) with Wigeon,Shoveler and Gadwall still all present,2 Little Grebe were also seen,the latter species is also present on the (wader scrape).The only Warbler species seen was Chiffchaff (3).Walking through the east scrub I saw at least 6 Song thrush,which were more than likely passage birds,it is uncommon to see even one bird these days.

I had a quick walk out onto Halling Common between 1330-1430,the river was low.One of the first birds to come to my notice was a calling Cetti`s in the Hawthorns just over the first stile,a little further on I came across 6 Linnet (which I didn`t see on my last visit) and just as I had reached the salt marsh area a male and female Stonechat were flitting along the dyke below the wall,where a Snipe was flushed again.One Common Buzzard was seen over the Downs at Upper Halling.

Sunday, 27 September 2009

Halling Common,September 27th.

Another very pleasant day,clear blue sky,warm and very still.During the morning I walked out on Halling Common between 745am-930am,the river was high but on the turn,about forty B h Gulls and two Lapwing were feeding on the newly exposed mud.Good numbers of Meadow Pipits (60+) were about and 2 Cetti`s called from the Hawthorn lined ditches.Goldfinch 22,Reed Bunting 6,Yellowhammer 4,Great and Blue Tits were all just keeping ahead of me as I walked along the river path.Notable today was the presents of at least 6 Sedge Warblers and 7 Blackcaps,only one Stonechat was seen and a Snipe was again flushed.

Saturday, 26 September 2009

Sandwich Bay,September 26th.

Despite another clear night and almost cloudless day,migrants are still passing through the estate in good numbers,60+ Chiffchaffs and 50+ Blackcaps were in the bushes and overhead 19 alba Wagtails,19 Reed Buntings and 2 Great Spotted Woodpeckers flew north. Although I thought I had the Shrike first thing,it wasn't seen thereafter.Best bird of the day was another Yellow-browed Warbler,the second this autumn to be trapped at the Bay.One very flighty Clouded Yellow was present in the White House area.

Friday, 25 September 2009

New Hythe,September 25th.

Weather,clear,warm,very light northwest.730am-9am.
As I walked past the sunken marsh a Grey Wagtail flew over from the direction of the river and a Sparrowhawk,one of two seen today was flying over the marsh at Burham.On Abbey Mead not much had changed from the 22nd,the Wigeon,Gadwall and Shoveler were all still present.Two Cetti`s called from the sunken marsh,with another three around the banks of Abbey Mead,Bullfinches were again present in the Hawthorns,along with three Blackcaps.A quick walk through the east scrub produced another three Blackcaps,a hunting Sparrowhawk and two Jays.Walking back to the car along the Mill stream I had the Kingfisher again and one singing Blackcap.

September 24th 1983 - weather,some cloud,mild,light southerly.
New Hythe - river - Green Sandpiper 3,Hawthorns - Lesser Whitethroat 2,Common Whitethroat 1,Cetti`s 2.

Burham marsh - Cetti`s two in the dyke,meadow - Heron 3 and Teal 7.Fifteen Mallard were along the river and two early Fieldfare were seen.

Halling (Common) September 25th

During the early afternoon I had another very pleasant walk in the warm sunshine out on Halling Common.There was no sign of the Whinchat seen yesterday but the female Stonechat was now keeping company with two males.Other birds of note were - Chiffchaff 1,Sedge Warbler 1,Kestral 1,Cetti`s 1 and Snipe 1.

Thursday, 24 September 2009

Halling (Common) September 24th.

Weather,clear,very little wind,northwest,river on its way down (745am-9am).Full list of birds recorded - Mute Swan 2,Cormorant 6,B h Gull 60,Common Gull 5,G B B Gull 1,Herring Gull 1,Heron 5,Collared Dove 8,Wood Pigeon 34,Stock Dove 1,Starling 12,Crow 9,Jackdaw 6,Moorhen 4,Lapwing 1,Kestral 1,Jay 1,Greenfinch 10,Goldfinch 15,Linnet 2,Meadow Pipit 40,Great Tit 4,Blue Tit 2,Yellowhammer 6,Skylark 4,Chaffinch 2,Sedge Warbler 1,Wren 3,Whinchat 1,Stonechat 1,Robin 5,Cetti`s Warbler 1,Reed Bunting 4,Dunnock 1,Blackbird 1,Magpie 10 and Kingfisher 1.A Perigrine was seen way in the distance over toward Cuxton.

As I was sitting writing the above,I glanced out the window and saw a Common Buzzard going over in a southwesterly direction.

New Hythe,September 23rd.

East scrub,7am-9am,(one 30ft net) birds ringed - Dunnock 1,Great Tit 7,Blue Tit 8 and Chiffchaff 1.I had one re trap,a Blue Tit ringed in the east scrub on 08 09 09.

While I was there several flocks of Greylag came over from the direction of Maidstone,in total 81 birds,one flock contained two all white Geese and the other one.Other birds seen were 2 Jays and one Green Woodpecker,a Cetti1s Warbler was heard calling in the west scrub.

A Clouded Yellow was seen on a grassy bank near the Tesco warehouse at Snodland on the 22nd.

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Abbey Mead and Halling Common,September 22nd.

During the early afternoon I looked in again on Abbey Mead lake,all the wildfowl of the past few visits were still present - Wigeon 18,Shoveler 6,Gadwall 9,Mallard 12,Pochard 1 and Tufted Duck 80+,Bullfinches were again heard in the Hawthorns.

After I had looked at Abbey Mead,I popped along to Halling Common,the river was high.As to be expected during an afternoon visit it was very quite,just Jackdaws,Crows,Magpie,a few Great Tits and 5 Lapwing being in evidence.However as I neared the salt marsh area,I heard the deep honk call of a Raven,looking up I saw two flying quite high over the river toward Wouldham,I managed several record shots as they circled round,before heading off in the direction of the Downs.

Sunday, 20 September 2009

Sandwich Bay,September 20th.

Weather,mainly overcast,north.I spent most of the day at Sandwich ringing.The day will best be remembered for the numbers of Meadow Pipits passing through the area (3,700) nearly 40 were ringed.Other birds seen in the area included - Merlin 1,Hobby 1,Red-backed Shrike 1,Grey Wagtail 9,Whinchat 18 and Snipe 1.Birds ringed - Sparrowhawk 1,Greenfinch 1,Blackcap 25,Dunnock 7,Whitethroat 1,Reed Warbler 1,Redstart 1,Great Tit 4,Chaffinch 1,Chiffchaff 10,Wren 3,Blackbird 3 and Robin 2.
A Tawny Owl was heard calling just outside the Sandwich Bay estate at 545am.

Saturday, 19 September 2009

Bits and Pieces

Two Common Buzzards were seen above the Downs at Upper Halling during the afternoon of the 19th.

Ringing in the east scrub (18th) birds ringed - L T Tit,4,Blackcap 3,Chiffchaff 3,Blue Tit 4 and Great Tit 2,I had one re trapped Lotti,ringed on the 03 12 08,one Lesser Whitethroat was also seen.

I had a quick look at Halling Common on the 18th,the wind was still in the northeast but had dropped a bit,the river was high.The only birds seen of note were - 1 Kestral,1 Common Sandpiper,6 Yellowhammer and 1 Lesser Whitethroat,I managed to record Meadow Pipit today but only one.

Thursday, 17 September 2009

Halling Common,September 17th.

Weather,patchy cloud,not as windy,northeast,745am-915am,river approaching high tide.

Full list of birds seen or heard - Cett1`s 1,Heron 4,Mute Swan 5,Mallard 2,G B B Gull 5,L B B Gull 3,Common Gull 1,B h Gull 60,Herring Gull 4,Wood Pigeon 21,Magpie 10,Jay 1,Blackbird 2,Green Woodpecker 2,Great Spot 1,Wren 1,Dunnock 2,Robin 1,Moorhen 4,Snipe 3,Jackdaw 4,Crow 7,Greylag 2 (over),Blue it 4,Great Tit 3,Yellowhammer 8,Reed Bunting 2,Linnet 15,Greenfinch 3,Goldfinch 2,Cormorant 6,Pheasant 3,Little Egret 1,Collared Dove 8,Lapwing 6,Redshank 1,Starling 3.

All the time during my visit a movement of House Martins was passing over north,probably 100s were involved.Only two warblers were seen,one each of Chiffchaff and Lesser Whitethroat and considering there has been up to 60 or more Meadow Pipits in the area,today none were seen.
During the afternoon I had a look at Abbey Mead - Wigeon now numbered 18,Gadwall 6 and Shoveler 8,a Kestral was also seen in the area.

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Leysdown/Elmley,September 16th.

I had some luck with the above Marsh Harrier.I had first seen it in the distance working its way along a ditch,I noticed the ditch came quite close to the track,so I parked the car and waited.

The above Kestral was seen hunting over the field on the right side of the track, just before the farm buildings.

I went to Leysdown this morning,I was hoping the northeast wind with rain had brought some migrants into the Coastal Park bushes.I arrived just before dawn,due to the strong wind only one of my net rides could be used,a 60ft.Only after a short while it soon became apparent there had not been a fall of any kind,the only migrant I saw was one Wheatear.I did see a few Great Tit,Blue Tits,one Chaffinch,10 Magpie and 2 Robins but that was about it.After about two hours all I had caught was one Robin.I had also looked at the sea but had no luck there either,so I decided to finnish at 930am and call in at Elmley on the way home.

Leysdown (Coastal Park) September 21st 1996.Weather,cloudy,windy,northeast.
Fall,birds ringed - Blackbird 4,Robin 30,Redstart 8,Blackcap 6,Blue Tit 2,Song Thrush 8,Goldcrest 6,Linnet 2,Firecrest 2,Garden Warbler 2,Coal Tit (grey backed) 2,Meadow Pipit 4,Willow Warbler 2.There was at least 100 Robins in the area and 15 Redstart.

Leysdown (Coastal Park) October 6th 1998.Weather,overcast,drizzel at times,northeast.
Big fall.birds ringed - Blackbird 5,Song Thrush 7,Robin 82,Dunnock 3,Siskin 3,Chaffinch 10,Goldcrest 40,Blackcap 8,Wren 1,Chiffchaff 8,Redstart 1,Reed Warbler 2,Meadow Pipit 4,Sparrowhawk 1,Ring Ouzel 1.

Robin K888280 (3) 06 10 1998 Leysdown (Coastal Park)
26 03 2000 Jylland,Denmark.killed by a cat,707 km,NE,537 days.

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

New Hythe,September 15th.

Weather,rain on and off all day,northeast.
I had a look in at New Hythe between 745am-845am.I parked again by the sewage works entrance.I had only walked halfway along the path before the bridge and a large dark raptor came floating over from the direction of the Stream Side lake.I ran a little further along the path and got my bins onto it just as it was flying low over the wader scrape.I was hoping it would stay a while but unfortunately it carried on flying in a westwards direction.As soon as I saw it through my bins and noticed it had a pale head I knew it could only be a Marsh Harrier.I then looked in on Abbey Mead,the Wigeon now numbered 16,along with 4 Gadwall,2 Shoveler and a pair of Pochard.On the way back I walked through the east scrub just in time to see the foraging flock passing through - 20 Blue Tit,9 L T Tit,6 Great Tit,5 Chaffinch and 2 Chiffs,the Goldfinch flock numbered about 25.Two very flighty Song Thrush were also about.

I went back in the afternoon to look at Abbey Mead again,this time I had a complete count of all birds present - Coot 109,Moorhen 5,Mallard 10,Gadwall 5,Wigeon now 22, Tufted Duck 72,Canada Goose 28,Shoveler 2,Pochard 2,G C Grebe 3 and Little Grebe 2.

Monday, 14 September 2009

New Hythe,September 14th.

I popped back during the afternoon,I parked by the sewage works entrance.As I was approaching the bridge I saw a small flock of L T Tits and managed the above photo. On turning after taken the photo,a Kingfisher flew off one of the railings on the bridge only fifteen feet away.

Weather,clear at first but soon clouding over,northeast (8am-930am) river high.
BROOKLAND lake,birds seen - Mute Swan 4,Heron 2,Coot 2,Sand Martin 20,Swallow 10,in the bushes on top of the mound a small foraging flock consisted of 3 Great Tits,2 Blue,1 L T T Tit and 7 Blackcaps,a Cetti`s called and 2 Stock Dove flew over.
ABBEY MEAD - Coot 100,G C Grebe 2,Little Grebe 2,Moorhen 4,Gadwall 4,Shoveler 1,Tufted Duck 60,Wigeon 10 and Snipe 1.In the Hawthorns along the river 4 Bullfinch were seen.

The remainder of the walk was rather quite,with only one Chaffinch and 2 Jays noted in the east scrub and a few calling Chiffchaffs noted elsewhere.
I had a quick look in at Halling on the 13th,the river was high,8am-845am - Mute Swam 4 adult and 4 imm,Snipe 1,Lapwing 5,Yellowhammer 8,Meadow Pipits 50+,Goldfinch 20,Linnet 25,Greenfinch 10,Lesser Whitethroat 1,Kestral 1 and Whinchat 1.

Kestrals have been seen more often over the past few weeks,one flew low over my garden today (13th).
September 17th,1980,weather,cloudy,southwest,Alders lake - 21 Black Terns ,with two there on the 18th and three on the 19th,two were also present at Abbey Mead lake from the 22nd-23rd.

Saturday, 12 September 2009

Sandwich Bay,September 12th.

Weather,patchy early morning cloud,clearing,moderate northeast.
I spent the morning and early afternoon ringing at Sandwich.With the wind in the northeast far fewer birds were on the estate (if it had rained during the night it might have been a different story).Birds ringed - Redstart 1,Chiffchaff 3,Wren 1,Reed Warbler 3 and Blackcap 3.
Other birds seen were - Wheatear 1,Whinchat 3,Stonechat 1,Pied Flycatcher 1 and Sparrowhawk 2.

Friday, 11 September 2009

Halling (Common) September 11th.

Weather,mainly clear,northeast,730am-830am,river on the way down, birds noted - Little Egret 2,Magpie 14 (mainly in one flock) Yellowhammer 8,Linnet 25,Meadow Pipit 60,Reed Bunting 6,Skylark 2,Lapwing 3,Curlew 1 (heard) and Snipe 2.

Thursday, 10 September 2009

Dungeness,September 10th.

Weather,mainly clear first thing,clouding over later,northeast.I spent the morning and early afternoon at Dungeness with Bob Bland.We knew there had been a Great White Egret,Spotted Crake and Red-backed Shrike there earlier in the week and was hoping all three would still be there.We were in luck with the Egret,as we passed the ARC pits it was seen sitting in some bushes with five Grey Herons and two Little Egrets (its possible roosting site).We spent about forty five minutes in the Hanson Hide waiting for the Crake to show,but no luck.We were later told it appeared fifteen minutes after we had left.We did go back later during the afternoon but still no luck.As for the Shrike we were told it was no longer in the area.

Sea Watch - as there was very little movement out at sea,just a few passing Gannets,we concentrated on the patch - Herring Gulls,G B B Gulls,L B B Gulls,B h Gulls,Common Gull 2,Little Gull 2 (1 ad,1 imm) Common Terns,Sandwich Terns,Black Tern 1 and Kittiwake 1.

Other birds of note we saw in the area were - Hobby 2,Cetti`s Warbler 2,Bar headed Goose 1,Marsh Harrier 4,Kestral 2,Ruff 1,Black tailed Godwit 1,Dunlin 2,Black Redstart 1,Pied Flycatcher 1 and Snipe 1.

Shortly after we had been watching the above bird,we were confronted by two heavily armed cops.They informed us that someone had reported us looking at the Power Station,at this point we both felt like giving a sarcastic remark back but thought better of it,anyway after writing out a report they went.

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

New Hythe,September 9th.

During the afternoon I looked in at Abbey Mead lake,passing Brookland on the way.By then there was more cloud and the wind was in the northeast (hopefully it will bring some more good birds into the county over the next few days).
Brookland - Mute Swan 1 and 6 B h Gulls.
Abbey Mead - Coot 100,Shoveler 3,Tufted Duck 28,Canada Goose 10,G C Grebe 4,Little Grebe 1,Moorhen 4,Mute Swan 1 and Chiffchaff 1.

Alders lake - Mallard 5,Greylag 8,Tufted Duck 16,Coot 96,Canada Goose 7,Mute Swan 4,Chiffchaff 2 and a pair of G C Grebes with 2 very small young.

The above photo is of a adult female Goldfinch,the red on the face of a male extends behind the eye.

Chiffchaffs are now the most noticeable Warbler in the New Hythe area,many of the other summer visitors have moved out.

Halling (Common) September 9th.

730am-9am,weather,patchy cloud,fresher,northerly,river on the way down,little exposed mud.
Birds of note - Common Sandpiper 4,Little Egret 1,Yellowhammer 4,Swallow 2,Stock Dove 1, Cetti`s Warbler 2 and Grey Wagtail 1,which flew over north.

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Halling Common,September 8th.

After I had finished at New Hythe,I looked in at Halling Common between 845am-930am,the river was low.
Birds noted - Little Egrets 2,Mute Swan 3,Canada Geese 10,G B B Gull 3,L B B Gull 3,Common Gull 4, B h Gull 60,Herring Gull 20,Lapwing 2,Swallow 2,Skylark 2,Yellowhammer 4,Meadow Pipit 50,Reed Bunting 4,Common Whitethroat 1,Lesser Whitethroat 4,Blue Tits 8 and Great Tit 4.
On reading Ken`s Blog I see he found a Med Gull,I was there just before him so probably overlooked it ( well done Ken).

New Hythe,September 8th.

The Great Tit in the above photo is a bird hatched this summer.Note the contrast between the greater coverts and primary coverts,the primary are a paler bluish/greenish/grey.When the bird has its full moult next year in either ( June,July or August) it will then be in adult plumage and there will be no contrast,Blue Tits can also be aged in this way.
( in the photo its looks just a paler greyish/blue)
Ringing in the east scrub from 630am-830am,weather-flat overcast,slowly clearing,later clear and warm,southwest.
Birds ringed - Greenfinch 2,Chiffchaff 4,Robin 2,L T Tit 1,Great Tit 1 and Blue Tit 4.
The foraging flock contained,Great,Blue and L T Tits,Chaffinch 4,Dunnocks 4,Chiffchaff 6 and 3 Robins,no other Warblers were seen except for one Blackcap.The Greenfinch flock was at least 40 strong and the Goldfinch 35.Two jays and one Green Woodpecker were also about and a Cetti`s Warbler was heard calling from the Stream Side lake.

Monday, 7 September 2009

New Hythe,September 7th.

730am-930am,weather,light patchy cloud,warm,light southwest.
Brookland lake - Mute Swan 4,Cormorant 1.

Abbey Mead lake - 100 Coot,6 Moorhen,2 G C Grebe,8 Tufted Duck,4 Mallard and 6 Gadwall.
4 Chiffchaffs,4 Bullfinch,2 Jays and 1 G S Woodpecker and 2 Cett1`s were also noted.

River,low - 21 Mallard,12 Heron,4 Cormorants,30 B h Gulls and 1 L B B Gull.

Railway lake - 27 Tufted Duck,20 Coot,1 Mute Swan and 1 G C Grebe.

Stream Side lake - 8 Canada Geese,2 Cormorant,20 Coot,1 Mute Swan and 2 Mallard.

Tesco lake - 8 Mute Swan,50 Coot,14 Mallard,3 Cormorant,1 Canada Goose and 6 Greylag.

Johnsons lake - 10 Tufted Duck,47 Canada Geese,65 Greylag,2 Mute Swan,25 Coot and 2 Mallard.

As I was walking through the east scrub,which was quite,two Greylag flocks passed over heading southeast,one was of about 100 birds and the other of 46.The last flock contained an all white Goose,which I suspect is a domestic white Goose type.This may have been one of two white Geese I saw going down into fields at Upper Halling on August 27th.
During the early afternoon I had a quick look at Halling Common,as to be expected it was rather quite,birds noted were - 21 Jackdaws in one of the meadows,30 Meadow Pipits and 4 Reed Buntings on the salt marsh,5 Swallows and 1 Lapwing which flew south and a Redshank along the river,the river was high.
September 7th 1983.Hawthorns,east bank of Abbey Mead,ringing,730am-10am,clear at first,cloudy later,northwest.
Birds caught - Blue Tit 2,Reed Bunting 2,Reed Warbler 6,Robin 2,Lesser Whitethroat 3,Sedge Warbler 1,Garden Warbler 1,Wren 1,Blackcap 2.
Six Green Sandpipers were present along the river in the area of Eccles Island.

Saturday, 5 September 2009

Sandwich Bay,September 5th.

I spent the morning and early afternoon ringing at Sandwich,there was another good catch of about 90 birds,which I was not expecting as the night sky had been clear.Most of the catch was made up by Blackcaps,a Grasshopper warbler was probably the best catch and unusually for this species was caught in the Helgoland trap.

Friday, 4 September 2009

New Hythe,September 4th.

I went back to the lakes during the afternoon for a quick visit.I saw a photo opportunity with a Kingfisher on the Stream side lake,only thing was it was on the far bank.As I was making my way around, I was half expecting it to have gone by the time I had got there.However my luck was in,it was still there.My luck then changed, just as I was ready to shoot,the sun went behind a cloud,hence the rather dull photo.Of course just as the bird flew off the sun reappeared.

Ringing in the east scrub,630am-830am,weather,0vercast,then clearing,southwest.

Birds ringed - Blue Tit 2,Great Tit 2,L T Tit 2,Blackcap 2,Common Whitethroat 1,Chiffchaff 3,Goldfinch 6 and Greenfinch 5.I had two retrapped birds - LT Tit ringed on the 20 01 09 (adult) in the west scrub and one Great Tit ringed on the 23 07 08 as a juvenile also in the west scrub.I have noticed over the last week that Chiffchaffs have become more abundant and also Blackcaps,in the mixed foraging flocks.
September 4th,1982.Weather,overcast,clearing,light southwest.

Alders lake - 5 immature Common Terns,1 Black Tern and 4 Kingfishers.

New Hythe lakes - 1Whinchat,4 Willow Warblers,4 Pochard,(one Swift seen on 3rd),several broods of Tufted Duck.

Thursday, 3 September 2009

Holborough/marsh/river,September 3rd.

730am-9am.cloudy,windy,west,river low.

Again due to the wind,many birds were keeping out of sight.Birds that were seen or heard are as follows - Cetti`s Warbler 1,Wood Pigeon 60,Coot 2, Stock Dove 3,Collared Dove 2,Starling 8,Kestral 1,Sparrowhawk 1,Chiff 1,Wren 2,Blackbird 3,BlueTit 3,Goldfinch 6 and Swallow 4.Along the river were - Herring Gull 4,B h Gull,50,Common Gull 1,Heron 1,Cormorant 3,Mallard 4,Moorhen 3,Mute Swan 2 and Little Egrets 2.The Egrets were probably the same birds that were seen at Halling on August 24th.

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

New Hythe,September 1st.

730am-9am. weather,cloudy but clearing,southwest,river low.

Birds of note - 5 Teal on the river,5 Shoveler on Abbey Mead,3 Kingfishers,one of which was along the river,with two along the Mill Stream,a small movement of Swallows south and a noticeable increase in the numbers of Dunnock,with at least 10 in the east scrub.However best of all was a bird that is always nice to find,Common Redstart.It was seen in the east scrub where a bird was found last year on October 8th.
September 3rd 1983,very windy,south,with rain.
Alders Lake-0ne Arctic Tern.

Abbey Mead-7 Pochard.