Tuesday, 25 November 2014

November 24th (Dungeness)

  I saw more G W Egrets at Dungeness today than Little,seven in all.The bird on the extreme right is  a Grey Heron.

Friday, 21 November 2014

November 20th (Harty,Isle of Sheppey)

Shelduck (adult male)
Along with four others,I had another excellent ringing session with members of the Swale wader ringing group on the marshes at Harty,Isle of Sheppey.We met up at 730pm,high tide was at 11pm.

We caught a nice variety of birds 72 in all.My thanks to Rodney Smith.

Teal  (1)

Shelduck (5) which included one nice adult male.

Knot  (1)

Redshank  (15) mainly adults.

Dunlin  (42)  mainly adults.

Bar-tailed Godwit  (3) + (1) retrap a female from Dec 2011.

Curlew (2)

Lapwing  (2) adults.

Driving along the Capel Fleet road to Harty.I had excellent close views of two Barn Owls out hunting.A third bird was seen close to our ringing base at Harty.

Teal (drake) and Knot
Bar-tailed Godwit and curlew
Lapwing (adult male)

Sunday, 16 November 2014

November 16th (Sandwich Bay)

Lesser Redpoll (adult male)
(0700-1200) overcast and calm.

Birds ringed.

Lesser Redpoll  (7)

Blackcap  (2)

Blackbird  (5) + (2) retraps

Robin  (1)

Goldcrest  (2)

Chaffinch  (5) + (9) retraps

Dunnock  (1)

Blue Tit  (5) retraps

Wren  (1) retrap

Great Tit  (4) retraps

Chiffchaff  (1)

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

PAST TIMES (New Hythe 1985)

October 14th (0930 - 1200)

One net was set in the Hawthorns and another one across the tidal creek between the river and Abbey Mead lake.

Birds ringed.

Wren  (1)

Reed Bunting  (2)

Robin  (3)

Goldcrest  ((2)

Great Tit  (1)

Blackbird  (1)

Lesser Spotted Woodpecker  (1)

Long-tailed Tit  (1)

Bearded Tit  (6)

Lesser Redpoll  (13)

Blackcap  (1)

Bullfinch  (1)

Monday, 10 November 2014

November 10th (Reculver)

I went back to Reculver this morning.I particularly wanted to see the Desert Wheatear in better light.Unfortunately though,despite many eyes looking for it (I departed the area at 1030),it wasn`t seen.

All wasn`t lost however,as I still had two Snow Buntings,a Shorelark and Lapland Bunting to look for.All of which I hadn`t had the time to look for on Saturday.After walking what seemed like miles,I eventually found all three feeding in close proximity to each other.The Lapland Bunting was a lot more flighty though and was quickly lost.
Snow Bunting

Saturday, 8 November 2014

November 8th (Reculver)

Desert Wheatear
On my way back from Sandwich,I called in at Reculver to see the Desert Wheatear.Unfortunately by the time I arrived the clouds had rolled in and the light had gone.

Saturday, 1 November 2014

November 1st (Sandwich Bay)

Sparrowhawk (3) young male bird.
(0600 - 1430)  Mild,SW.

Redpolls have at last started to move.The first two were caught during the week and this morning we managed to catch 5.This time last year we were catching hundreds.This run of SW/W winds,has certainly not helped matters.

A nice Hen Harrier (ring tail) flew over the ringing station at 1400.Unfortunately I didn`t see it,at the time I was walking back from a net round.

Bird ringed.

Redpoll  (5)

Sparrowhawk  (1)

Blue Tit  (5) + (2) retraps

Chiffchaff  (3)

Long-tailed Tit  (30) + (5) retraps

Blackbird  (1)

Bullfinch  (1)

On the way back to Snodland.I saw a Hobby,between Sandwich and Wingham.This is a late date for a Hobby to still be in Britain.