Monday, 16 November 2015

November 16th (isles of Sheppey)

I spent this morning on the isles of Sheppey with my camera.The conditions were far from ideal,being dull and windy for most of the time.Although a close Common Buzzard and Kestral and a hunting Barn Owl,made the visit worth while.

Kestral and Common Buzzard
Curlew and Little Egret
Magpie and Red-legged Partridge
Stonechats (male and female

Friday, 13 November 2015

November 13th (New Hythe)

Sunny but not as mild first thing.(0830-1000)

The main interest this morning was found in the area of the river,which was low.Teal 50,Mallard 10,Teal 40+,Grey Heron 4,Redshank 1,Green Sandpiper 1,Lapwing 6 and Wigeon 1(drake).

Across the river,looking from the Bucket wood,I saw a Marsh Harrier for the second time this month quartering the large reed bed (Burham marsh).

On the southern edge of the west scrub feeding on Willow Herb 2 Lesser Redpolls were seen.Fifty Redwing remain in the east scrub and a Kingfisher was seen along the Mill stream.

Monday, 9 November 2015

November 9th (New Hythe)

Siskin (female)
I had 1X40ft net up this morning in the west scrub.


Goldcrest  (6)

Siskin  (1)

Robin  (1)

Blue Tit  (6)

Dunnock  (1)

Long-tailed Tit  (3) + (2) re traps

The Siskin was a nice surprise.Considering just how few there are in the area.

Both of the Long-tailed Tits re traps,were ringed in the west scrub.One on the 28-04-14 and the other on the 19-08-10.

Going on the six Goldcrests which turned up in the net this morning,just how many must still remain in the area?.

Last years Pochard X Ferruginous has returned to Abbey Meads and there has been the occasional sightings of Marsh Harrier in the area.

Blue Tit (adult male)

Monday, 2 November 2015

October 2nd (Holborough river)

foggy early on,later clear and warm.(river low).

Birds seen - Greylag 5,Mallard 10,Moorhen 5,Great Black-backed Gull 2,Herring Gull 3,Black-headed Gull 35,Common Gull 2,Cormorant 2,Lapwing 2 along the river,with 30 flying N,Kestral 1,Cetti`s Warbler 2,Meadow Pipit 2,Kingfisher 2,Oystercatcher 2.Mallard 10,Teal 5.

The new  Medway river crossing which comes off the A228 at Halling.Cutting along the southern edge of the reserve before crossing the river over to the Wouldham/Burham side is coming on at pace.When its completed we can look forward to more expensive housing which only people flocking out of London can afford and then having the A228 clogged up with them commuting back and forth.Boy,am I glad I was born when I was!.

Yet more scrub habitat lost,which before this all started,held good numbers of breeding Nightingales.