Wednesday, 25 November 2009

New Hythe,Holborough and Halling,November 25th.

weather,cloud clearing,less wind,not as mild,west/southwest.
8:am-9:am I walked from the Brookland car park,round the Sunken marsh (river path) then back to my car following the path between Abbey Mead lake at the southern edge of the marsh.
Full list of birds seen - Blue Tit,Great Tit,L T Tit,Chaffinch,Redwing (15) Fieldfare (6) Wren,Robin,Magpie,Jay,Reed Bunting (2) B h Gull,Common Gull (2) Cormorant,Heron,Water Rail ( 1 heard) Tufted Duck,Pochard,Mallard,Teal,Carrion Crow,Shoveler (19 Brookland) Cetti`s Warbler (4 heard) Magpie,Coot,Moorhen,Wood Pigeon,Blackbird,Song Thrush (2) Pheasant (2) Green Woodpecker (1) Starling and Redshank (1).

After I had finished at New Hythe I then walked around the river path at Holborough.Birds noted - Stonechat 2,Grey Wagtail 1,Common Sandpiper 1,Redshank 6,Common Snipe 1,Lapwing 15 and Reed Bunting 2.

During the afternoon I went along to Halling Common,by then there was a little bit more cloud,though it was still bright (river low) birds noted - Little Egret 1,Stonechat 2 and Curlew 1.

Burham marsh,November 24th,1991.
Birds noted - Lapwing 1000,Redshank 20,Teal 400,Jackdaw 20,Stock Dove 20,Dunlin 50,Bearded Tit 15 and Meadow Pipit 4.

New Hythe - Long eared Owl 2.

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

New Hythe,November 24th.

During the afternoon between 1500-1600,I popped down to the Streamside lake to try for the Bittern.Although I had no luck with the Bittern,which was not surprising in such windy conditions, I did have two sightings of the Kingfisher and saw a nice Grey Wagtail that dropped down onto the small island which is just in front of the reed bed.I also had a quick look at the west scrub which produced 20+ Fieldfare,2 Green Woodpecker and a Kestral.

During the morning I walked over to the river where a female Sparrowhawk put up a mixed flock of Wood Pigeons and Stock Doves,the Stock Doves numbered at least 20,which is the most I have seen in the lakes area for many years.

Saturday, 21 November 2009

Sandwich Bay,November 21st.

Weather,overcast first thing,clearing,moderate southwest.
Four nets were put up out of the wind in the White House and Haven bushes,although I stayed all morning only 3 birds were ringed,Blackbird 1,Blue Tit 1 and Song Thrush 1.There was also a few retraps,Long Tailed Tit 2,Great Spotted Woodpecker 1,Robin 1 and Dunnock 1.
Other birds noted were - a Few Fieldfare flying about first thing,Sparrowhawk 1,Goldfinch 30 and Snipe 2,the latter of which flew north over the Field Centre.

On my way home just outside Sandwich,2 Common Buzzards flew quite low across the road,they were being harassed by Crows.

During the afternoon of the 20th,I had a walk through the east scrub (New Hythe) the Chaffinch flock there now numbers at least 40 birds.I also scanned for the Bittern that frequents the Streamside lake but had no luck (1500).I will have to make a visit just before dark sometime next week.

Ken and Phil saw the Bittern on the 20th,so they must have arrived just after I went (Ken`s Halling Blog),JUST READ IT.

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

New Hythe,November 18th.

A walk round the lakes this morning in the strong southwest wind produced little of note except perhaps for a flock of at least 35 Fieldfare that flew low across the Sunken marsh into the wind and 2 Redshank on the river.

Abbey Mead lake,November 18th 1985.
weather light overcast,moderate east.
9am-11am birds noted - Pochard 50,Tufted Duck 100,Mute Swan 15,G C Grebe 6 ,a Bewick`s Swan flew in but was pushed off by a Mute,it headed toward Leybourne.Small numbers of Fieldfare and Redwing in the Hawhorns and 4 Bearded Tit in the northeast corner of the lake.
River - Grey Wagtail 1,Green Sandpiper 2 and Greenshank 1.

Halling (Common) November 17th.

I got up early this morning and had a net up in the east scrub by 715:am (New Hythe).I waited around for a while for the birds to appear,no sooner than they had the first dog came crashing through the bushes quickly followed by two more and then the owner.Anyway to cut a long story short rather than waste a nice morning I finished up again at Halling.

Weather: flat overcast,clearing,light southwest,mild. 9:am-10:am.river,on the way up.
Although it was only a short visit more birds were seen today (yesterdays strong winds kept many passerines out of sight) birds noted - Linnet 30,Yellowhammer 4,Stonechat 3,Goldfinch 20.Meadow Pipit 25,Greenfinch 15,Pied Wagtail 2,Snipe 1,Little Egret 1,Little Grebe 1,Cormorant 5,Lapwing 35,Redshank 4,Kestral 1,Common Sandpiper 1 + the usual Gulls.

Monday, 16 November 2009

Halling (Common) November 16th.

By the early afternoon the mornings heavy cloud had cleared,although there was now more wind (southwest) but at least it was nice and bright.
1300-1400 river high,though on the turn.Shortly after I had gone through the first stile a Little Egret got up from the fields on the left of the path,after circling for a while it flew to the far end of the common and went down,as it went a Green Woodpecker came into view not far from where the Egret had been.Just over the second stile and not far from the river bank the Ringed Plover was roosting in the same spot where I had first seen it on the 6th and sitting not far away was a Common Sandpiper.At the far end of the salt marsh 10 Canada Geese,20+Lapwing,4 Redshank and a mixed flock of B h Gulls and Common were gathered,presumably waiting for the water to recede and on my way back to the car there was now 3 Little Egrets standing on the common where my first sighting had been.Due to the strong wind very few small birds were noted,those that were being - Yellowhammer 1,Stonechat 1 (male) Goldfinch 1,Chaffinch 1 and Dunnock 1.

Ken,two birds to look out for over the next few weeks are Rock Pipit and Water Pipit,both of which I recorded in the 1970s.

Sunday, 15 November 2009

New Hythe,November 15th.

8:30am-1030- the early morning rain had just cleared,it was mainly bright,with a light southwest,mild.
It was nice to get out after yesterdays strong winds and heavy rain.I first looked at BROOKLAND lake which held - Tufted Duck 35,Coot 18,Heron 1 and Cormorant 2,I also had a glimps of a bird flying low over the lake which I felt sure must have been a Common Sandpiper.Moving on past the Sunken marsh 30 Fieldfare flew up from the Hawthorns (the most I have seen so far this autumn) a few Redwing,Chaffinch and Bullfinch were also in evidence in this area.A quick look at the RIVER which was nearly full,produced 18 Teal,4 Mallard and 1 Tufted Duck.ABBEY MEAD still holds a good number of Coot,at least 130,also noted - Tufted Duck 70,Pochard 8,Shoveler 6,G C Grebe 4 and little 1.A small flock of Goldfinch was feeding on Thistle heads along the southern bank and both Green Woodpecker and Great were heard.In the east scrub the foraging flock consisted of Great,Blue,L T Tits and Chaffinches.A Grey Wagtail flew over,1 Song Thrush was seen and as I walked over to Johnson`s lake 20 Redwing passed over.JOHNSONS LAKE - Pochard 2,Shoveler 2,Tufted Duck 16,Mallard 4, Coot 20,G C Grebe 2 and Kingfisher 1.A combined total for LITTLE TESCO and the main lake consisted of Coot 150,Tufted Duck 58,Gadwall 16 and Mallard 8.The STREAM SIDE lake totals were - Tufted Duck 25,Gadwall 14,Shoveler 8,Cormorant 14,G C Grebe 4 and Little 1.As I walked back along the Mill stream path to the car park a Chiffchaff called from the Buddleia scrub.

New Hythe,November 15th,1981. .Adult male and ringtail Harrier seen in the New Hythe/Burham marsh area.During the period from 1978 - to the mid-1980s,this bird was an annual visitor.The records were of mainly single ringtails but adult or near adult males were recorded on the following dates - February 25th 1979,November 15th 1981 and December 30th 1981,the latest date for departure being March 30th 1985.

After I had returned from the lakes I walked into the garden and almost immediately a flock of 15 Redpoll flew over (a species I have not found in the lakes area so far this autumn) and a Comma was also seen and photographed,which was quite a surprise.

Thursday, 12 November 2009

New Hythe,November 12th.

A quick visit to the east scrub between 8:30am-9:am produced - 30 Goldfinch,a good number of Chaffinch (at least 20) 10 Great Tit, 4 Blue Tit and several each of Dunnock and Robin,6 Redwing and 1 Skylark passed overhead.On the way back to the car I found my first Siskin of the autumn (for the site) feeding in the company of 6 Goldfinch in the Alders along the north bank of the Little Tesco Lake.

Sunday, 8 November 2009

Sandwich Bay,November 7th.

Nice day though cold,not much wind.Bird ringing again in the White House and Haven bushes.Although only 24 birds were ringed,we did catch 3 Blackcaps which was rather a surprise,very little was seen moving overhead.Birds ringed - Collared Dove 2,Blackbird 2,Lesser Redpoll 13,Blackcap 3,Robin 1,Chaffinch 1,Chiffchaff 1 and Wren 1.

Friday, 6 November 2009

Garden,November 6th.

When I returned from the lakes I had one 20ft net up in the garden for a while,birds ringed - Starling 2 and Wren 1 .I also re caught a Robin that I had ringed in the garden on the 16 10 08,it spent the summer elsewhere,though probably not very far away.

Halling (Common) November 6th.

During the afternoon I looked in at Halling Common,it was by then high tide.Birds noted - Ringed Plover 1,Redshank 4,Stonechat 3,Kestral 1,Sparrowhawk 1,Common Sandpiper 1,Snipe 1 and Meadow Pipit 20+.

New Hythe November 6th.

The morning was overcast and rather cold,with very little wind.
The lakes remain quite with very little change in the bird life,although Gadwall and Shoveler numbers are slowly increasing.The berry crop this winter is rather poor so any Redwing or Fieldfare that do drop in probably would not stay around in any numbers for long.
BROOKLAND lake,birds noted - Cormorant 4,Tufted Duck 26,Mallard 2,Mute Swan 2ad,2 imm,Coot 15,Pochard 2,Shoveler 7,Coot 15 and Heron 1.
ABBEY MEAD lake,birds noted - Coot 130,Gadwall 10,Shoveler 8,Pochard3,Mallard 2,Little Grebe 2,Mute Swan 1,G C Grebe 4.
RIVER (low tide) Little egret 1,Teal 25,Redshank 2,Mallard 4,Gadwall 2,B h Gull 50+,Herring Gull 2.
RAILWAY LAKE - Coot 32,Tufted Duck 20,Gadwall 2,G C Grebe 1,Mallard 1,Mute Swan 1.
EAST/WEST scrub - quite,Magpie 2,Jay 1,Blackbird 3,Song Thrush 2 and ( Cetti`s 1,west scrub).
STREAM SIDE lake - Gadwall 15,G C Grebe 5,Canada Goose 4,Little Grebe 2,Mute Swan 5,Coot 42,Cormorant 6,Heron 1.As I walked back along the Mill stream towards the car park a Cetti`s was again heard calling from the Elder scrub.Other birds seen were 2 Sparrowhawks and 1 Kestral.

November 9th,,cold,northwest,quite sunny.Abbey Mead lake - Red-necked Grebe 2,Pochard 150,Wigeon 4,Tufted Duck 200,Shelduck 20,Shoveler 7,Gadwall 4,Coot 200.

Monday, 2 November 2009

Halling Common,November 2nd.

A visit today between 1400-1530,the river was on the turn from high tide,it was sunny,with a light southwest.
Waders were of note today,with 5 Curlew,2 Common Sandpiper,32 Lapwing and at least 12 Redshank feeding on the newly exposed mud and 2 Snipe were put up from the the salt marsh area.Other birds noted were - 2 Little Grebe on the river,1 Sparrowhawk,6 Meadow Pipit,1 Kingfisher and 3 Stonechat.

November 2nd,windy southeast,cold.Burham marsh - ringed 2 continental Blackbirds,other birds present were 100 Fieldfare, 2-3 Goldcrests and a roost of 100 Corn Bunting.
500 Brent Geese flew southwest over Snodland during the afternoon.