Thursday, 30 July 2015

July 30th (New Hythe)

Green Woodpecker (male)
Light overcast to start,clear later ( 2 forty ft,west scrub,0530-0800).

A nice surprise this morning was a Green Woodpecker and a Nightingale.The Nightingale proved to be an adult,which was nearing completion of its moult,Adults have a full moult (wings and tail),while young of the year  have a partial moult,body along with some coverts.


Blackcap  (8) juv

Wren  (1) juv

Reed Warbler (1) juv

Green Woodpecker (1) juv

Chiffchaff (1) juv

Nightingale (1) adult

TOTAL  (13)

Sunday, 26 July 2015

July 26th (Sandwich Bay)

Green Woodpecker (juvenile)
My first ringing trip to Sandwich this year produced (16) new birds and (17) re-traps.The forecast rain stopped play at 1000.A small party of Siskin was heard flying over which continued this very unusual occurrence for the month of July.


Chiffchaff  (1)  re-trap  (1)

Chaffinch  (3) re-trap  (6)

Green Woodpecker  (1)

Wren   (2) re-trap (1)

Blackcap  (3) re-trap  (1)

Dunnock  (1) re-trap   (3)

Collared Dove  (1) re-trap (1)

Blackbird  (1)

Greenfinch  (2) re-trap  (2)

Starling  (1) re-trap  (1)

House Sparrow re-trap  (1)

TOTAL  (33)

Wednesday, 15 July 2015

July 15th (New Hythe)

Willow Warbler (juv) a scarce bird at New Hythe these days.
Another early start this morning (0445-0800 E/W scrub)

Despite it being overcast this morning,ringing was slow.Wet vegetation from overnight rain may have possibly restricted the birds movements.


Chiffchaff  1 ad,1 juv

Willow Warbler  1 juv

Song Thrush  1 ad

Wren  1 juv

Reed Warbler  2 ad,1 juv

Blackcap  2 juv


Friday, 10 July 2015

July 10th (New Hythe)

Garden Warbler


I was ringing again at New Hythe this morning (0500-0830,east/west scrub,clear and warm)

Birds seen - Green Woodpecker,at least 3 juveniles,Great Spot 1,Goldfinch,Reed Bunting1,Common Whitethroat,Chiffchaff,Garden Warbler,Reed Warbler,Great Tit,Blue Tit,Blackbird,Pigeon,Collared Dove,Song Thrush,Dunnock.


Chiffchaff  6 juv

Reed Warbler  1 ad

Great Tit  1 juv

Dunnock  1 juv

Garden Warbler  1 juv

Blackcap  5 juv,1 ad


Monday, 6 July 2015

July 6th (New Hythe)

I had two forty foot nets up this morning.One in the east scrub and the other in the west scrub.The clear conditions though soon put a halt to proceedings,with the sun full on both nets by 0900.(0545-0900).


Reed Warbler  1 ad  1 juv

Lesser White throat  1 juv

Robin  2 juv

Blackcap  4 juv

Chiffchaff   1 ad 6 juv

Dunnock  3 juv

Blue Tit  3 juv

Great Tit  1 juv

TOTAL   (23)

Reed Warbler