Thursday, 28 August 2014

August 27th (Sandwich Bay)

(0500 - 1400)  Cloudy to start,clearing,moderate E.

This morning the further I travelled down the M2 towards Sandwich,the stronger the wind became.So when I walked into the ringing room,I was not surprised when I was told that the planned ringing session in the Maize field was cancelled
All was not lost however,as there are places at the Bay.Such as in the White House bushes where nets can be set out of the wind.Although it was still rather frustrating throughout the morning to see good numbers of House Martin and Swallows passing through and not be able to set the nets high enough to catch them.

I believe we managed a ringing total of around 30+.Nothing unusual was trapped,just the usual resident birds and small numbers of summer visitors,such as Common Whitethroat,Blackcap,Willow Warbler,Chiffchaff and Reed Warbler,just one Swallow was caught.
Common Whitethroat ( with extreme fault bars,across its wings and tail)

Friday, 22 August 2014

August 22nd (New Hythe)

Bullfinch (juvenile)
0600--0900  The forecast early morning rain failed to materialise,light overcast,calm.

Not much of note seen this morning,apart from at least 50+ Goldfinch feeding on teasel in the east scrub.

Bird ringed.

Dunnock  1

Blackbird  1

Blue Tit  6

Geat Tit  4

Chiffchaff  5

Common Whitethroat  1

Bullfinch  2 juv

Blackcap  1
Common Whitethroat (young bird 3)
Common Whitethroat aged 3(adult outer tail feathers are pure white)
Blackcap (juvenile male)

Saturday, 16 August 2014


Jeanette and I spent a very pleasant afternoon in the company of Bob and Ann Bland.Watching the Headcorn Air show from the comfort of their garden,thanks Bob and Ann.

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

August 13th (New Hythe)

Reed Warbler (adult)
Clear,light SW.(0530 - 0900).

The only bird in song this morning was a lone Song Thrush.No Nightingales were heard or seen.

It may just me,but I have the feeling this year Lesser Whitethroats have been rather thin on the ground.In Just under ten ringing sessions this summer,none have been seen in the nets.Which is very unusual for New Hythe.

Birds ringed.

Reed Warbler  1

Wren  2

Chiffchaff  6 (all young birds)

Dunnock  2

Common Whitethroat  (1)

Blackcap  2

Common Whitethroat (young bird)
Chiffchaff (young bird)

Monday, 4 August 2014

August 4th (Oare marshes)

Spotted Redshank
I was back again at Oare this morning.This time with Bob Bland and Jeff Wynn.(08:30 - 12:30).

We saw a total of (50) species of bird + (1) Clouded yellow butterfly.

Species of note.
Curlew Sandpiper 5,Ruff at least 6,Spotted Redshank 1,Dunlin 50+,B T Godwit 200+,Marsh Harrier 1,Yellow Wagtail 4,Avocets,Bearded Tits (heard),Peregrine 1,Whimbrel. 3 and  the Bonaparte`s Gull (again seen feeding on the mud to the west of the slipway).
Curlew Sandpiper and Dunlin

Sunday, 3 August 2014

August 3rd (Sandwich Bay and Oare marshes)

Grasshopper Warbler
Wheatear (leucistic bird)
Willow Warbler
I was down at Sandwich Bay by 05:30,this morning,just in time for the first net round.The nets were set in the Maize field.(05:00 - 09:00). (clear and calm),

Birds ringed,

Reed Warbler  40+

Sedge Warbler  80+

Grasshopper Warbler 1

Willow Warbler  3
On my way back from Sandwich,I looked in on Oare marsh.

Birds of note on the east flood (just a quick scan).I saw at least 4 Curlew Sandpipers,1 Spot Red (adult),40+Dunlin and 6+Ruff.
The Bonaparte`s Gull,is now well on the way to loosing its breeding dress (I found it feeding along the Swale to the west of the slipway).