Wednesday, 30 October 2013

October 30th (Hemstead forest)

Common Crossbill
Clear and bright during the morning,dull later.

I visit Hemstead forest today with Bob Bland.Both of us particularly wanted to see Parrot Crossbill,which I`m pleased to say we were both successful in doing,at least 1 male and 1 female being seen.As for the Two-barred,neither of had any luck today,but seeing as both of us have seen nice males in Kent before we were not that dejected,although I`m sure we will be trying our luck again soon.

Other birds that we saw - (30+) Common Crossbill,(30+) Siskin,(8) Lesser Redpoll,(1)Yellowhammer,(1) G S Woodpecker,(50) Fieldfare,(2) Common Buzzards and (200+) Woodpigeons,that passed over in small flocks SW.
Common Crossbills
Parrot crossbill
Although I had nice scope views of the Parrot Crossbills,the above bird in flight,a male,was the only photography chance I had.A poor photo,but it does show the birds heavy bill quite well.

Monday, 21 October 2013

October 21st.

This year for some reason or another,I`ve not had as many sightings of Common Buzzards in my local area as in recent past years.So this morning I was pleased when I saw four in the air together over a small wood near to Birling church.About one hour later,I saw four more,again in the air together,over the Downs above Birling.I would like to think that they were different birds,but in all probability they were the same.
One of the Buzzards was buzzed by a Magpie.

Saturday, 19 October 2013

October 19th (Sandwich Bay)

Coal Tit (Continental,grey backed bird)
Overcast,southerly,rain stopped play at (11:30).

A rather quite mornings ringing at the Bay,the only highlight being the capture of not one,but (4) Coal Tits (Continental) birds,which for the Bay,is very unusual.

Birds ringed - Coal Tit (4),Chiffchaff (1),Chaffinch (4),Blackbird (6),Song Thrush (1),Robin (9),Goldfinch (13),Blackcap (2),Greenfinch (1).

Monday, 14 October 2013

October 14th (Dungeness)

Glossy Ibis
A last minute change of plans this morning saw me at Dungeness,but because I had to be back at home by 13:30,it was all a bit of a rush,but very enjoyable,all the same.
Glossy Ibis
The close Ibis in the photo took flight and flew to the left.Seconds later four of us who had been watching the bird from the Hanson hide,saw an Ibis on one of the far islands to our right.Which raises the possibility of there being two birds in the area.
Glossy Ibis
Glossy Ibis
G W Egret
I only saw two G W Egrets today,both on Burrowes.

Other birds of note that I saw - Wood Sandpiper (1),Hay field,Black-necked Grebe (3),Burrowes and (4) scattered Ring Ouqel.

Grey Heron
Good numbers of Grey Heron were seen,I saw at least (15),on Burrowes.
Grey Heron
Grey Heron
Black-tailed Godwit (Burrowes)
Greenshank (ARC Pit)
Pintail (female)
There was a good number of Pintail in the area,I must have seen at least (20).
Pintail (drake and Shoveler)
Before I made for home I had a quick look at the sea.There wasn`t many birds to be seen save for a few G C Grebes,so I amused myself by trying to photograph several Harbour porpoises that were quite close inshore,not an easy thing to do,at least that`s what I thought..
Harbour porpoise
G C Grebe

Saturday, 12 October 2013

October 12th (Sandwich Bay)

Brambling (male)
Brambling (female)
Cloudy to start,slowly clearing,SE.(6:30am-1500)

Birds ringed - Firecrest (2),Blackcap (2),Redwing (3),Brambling (5),Dunnock (4),Goldfinch (1),Greenfinch (5),Song Thrush (5),Blackbird (5),Chaffinch  (6),Robin (36),Lesser Redpoll (1),Chiffchaff (3).

Brambling and Redpoll were the first to be ringed this autumn.A Wood lark passed over the area N.
Blackbird (Continental bird,female)

Wednesday, 9 October 2013


October 9th.
Brookland lake (New Hythe),Little Stint (1),Dunlin (2),Green Sandpiper (2),Common Sandpiper (1),Med Gull (1 adult),Common Redstart and Stonechat,both not seen today,good numbers of Meadow Pipits and Linnets about.

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

October 8th (THIRD TIME LUCKY)

Thanks to Jeremy Hall,I finally got to see the Cliffe LesserYellow legs on my third attempt.At around 13:30,Jeremy had a tweet saying that the bird had been seen twenty five minutes ago in with a flock of roosting Redshank on the pool nearest to the RSPB car park.This wasn`t however until after we had both spent at least two hours looking for the bird over all its usual haunts,namely the Radar Pool and Black Barn Pools.On arriving at the pool where the bird had been seen,some thirty minutes later.It took a further thirty minutes to locate the bird,thanks again to Jeremy and his keen eyes.

Monday, 7 October 2013

October 6th (Dungeness)

Great White Egret
Foggy,clearing slowly.(9:am-1300).

This morning I picked up Bob Bland from his house in Headcorn and then made for Dungeness. We arrived in thick fog,which didn`t completely lift until around 10:30.

In all we saw (66) species of bird,the most notable being - Great White Egret (4),Black-necked Grebe (5),Little Gull (1),Ruff (3),Black-tailed Godwit (3),Golden Plover (100+),Stonechat (3),Yellow Wagtail (2),Eyptian Goose (5),Greenshank (1),Common Buzzard (1),Marsh Harrier (3),Pintail,Wigeon, Common Snipe (4).

We also saw one Clouded Yellow butterfly at Dengemarsh.

Either yesterday or the day before,Bob had a Long-tailed Blue Butterfly in his garden,an unusual inland record.
Great White Egret
Great White Egrets
Little Gull
Great White Egret
Little Gull and Black-headed Gull
Black-tailed Godwit

Saturday, 5 October 2013

October 5th (Sandwich Bay)

Firecrest (female)
Overcast,slowly clearing,light NW.(6:30am-1500).

After a week of southeast winds,which brought little movement.A change to a light NW this morning,had to be a good omen.

Birds ringed - Firecrest (2) Chiffchaff (66),Blackcap (42),Reed Warbler (1),Siskin (15),Meadow Pipit (40),Goldfinch (2),Chaffinch (4),Robin (3),Song Thrush (3)Dunnock (1),+ (1) controlled Meadow Pipit.

A good day,spent in good company.
Meadow Pipit