Saturday, 30 July 2016

July 30th (New Hythe)

Goldcrest (juvenile).
(0600-0930) E/W scrub,2X40ft,light overcast.


Wren  1 juv

Robin  1 juv

Dunnock  1 juv

Song Thrush  1 juv

Goldcrest  1 juv (first juvenile ringed by me in the recording area).

Chiffchaff  1 adult,13juv.


I recently received two recoveries from the BTO,both were of Blackcaps.

(3) first year male,ringed 05 Sept 2014 New Hythe (West scrub).

controlled 19 June 2016 Sandy Smith,NR,Beadlow,Bedfordshire.99Km NW.

3j (juvenile) ringed 29 June 2014,East Newlands,Foulness,Essex.

3M,controlled 11 Sept 2014,New Hythe (West scrub).

Both birds while at New Hythe were on passage (feeding up on Dog wood berries).
(3j) juv Song Thrush

Monday, 25 July 2016

July 25th (Sandwich and Oare Marshes)

I spent the morning ringing at Sandwich.A few true migrants have started to make their way through.One of which was a fantastic looking Wood Warbler.

After leaving Sandwich,I looked in on Oare Marshes again.I was hoping to photograph the Bonaparte`s Gull,this time in better light (being later in the afternoon).Unfortunately although it was present,(east flood),it was further away from the camera.

Saturday, 23 July 2016

July 23rd (Oare Marshes)

I stopped off at Oare Marshes today and saw the Bonaparte`s Gull.It flew into the east scrape from the direction of the Swale just after mid day.The bird is presumably the same bird that was first seen in the autumn of 2013.

Friday, 22 July 2016

July 22nd (New Hyhe)

Bullfinch (juv)
E/W scrub,2X40ft (0600 - 0930) calm,light overcast.


Blue Tit  1 juv

Dunnock  1 juv

Bullfinch  3 juv

Blackcap  2 adult

Chiffchaff   12 juv  4 adult and (1 re trap) re trap was ringed in the west scrub as a young female bird on the13 08 14,now returned and just finished breeding.

Juvenile and adult Chiffchaff
Moulting adult female and male Blackcap.

Tuesday, 12 July 2016

July 12th (New Hythe)

Nightingale (3j) juvenile
I found this flower on the edge of the west scrub,there was just the one.I cant put a name to it,as yet.
0600-0900  E/W scrub  2 X 40ft nets.


Blackcap  2 juv

Chiffchaff  4 juv

Blue Tit  1 adult

Nightingale  1 juv
Blackcap (3j juvenile)