Tuesday, 28 April 2015

April 28th (Sheppey)

I went bird watching on Sheppey today with Bob Bland and Trevor Maynard,Being on the Island today in a biting north westerly wasn`t that pleasant,especially as we had walked all the way along the wall to the South Swale reserve and failed to see yesterdays reported Spoonbills.

Having said that,the birding however proved to be well worth while.The best of the sightings being - Whinchat 3,Yellow wagtail 10,a flock of 25 Corn Buntings,Hobby 1,Merlin 1,Common Buzzard 1
and Grey Partridge 2 all seen along the Capel Fleet road,Whimbrel 2,on the Swale and a good show put on by numerous Marsh Harries.Interestingly there was still 50 or more Brents in Funton creek.
Marsh Harrier (males)
Marsh Harrier (females)

Monday, 20 April 2015

I spent a  pleasant couple of hours this morning in the company of Nightingales.

At least (14) birds were singing in the Country Park,with a further (4) to the east of the railway.A nice flock of (4) adult Med Gulls passed over east..


Med Gull (one of four which passed over)

Sunday, 19 April 2015

April 19th (New Hythe)

Bright,though chilly,NE. (0830-1030)

The main birds of interest this morning  were - Swallow (1),Blackcap (8),Common Whitethroat (3),Nightingale(8),Reed Warbler (2),Sedge Warbler (1),Kingfisher (1),Willow Warbler (1),Gadwall (1 pair),Little Egret (1),Cetti`s Warbler (6),Cuckoo (1) and Sparrowhawk (1).

Monday, 13 April 2015

April 13th (New Hythe)

Light overcast,calm (0530-0830).

I managed to trap two Nightingales this morning,both were new birds and both male.One was caught in a traditional territory by the pylon in the east scrub and the other bird in another long standing territory in the Brook House area.

Both of these territories last year were held by my oldest ringed Nightingales,then in 2014,at seven years old.It looks as if they may have both succumbed,but I havn`t giving up hope just yet,as both birds over the years have changed their territories at least once before.

Two Oystercatchers which are usually to be found feeding along the Medway.Were this morning both seen feeding on the short turf in the east scrub!.

Thursday, 2 April 2015


Over the last few days Blackcaps have been much in evidence (I heard my fist on the 30th) and Chiffchaffs continue to increase.With high pressure forecast over Britain at the weekend.We can only hope it opens the floodgates and we can look foreword to perhaps an early Willow Warbler,or at least a few Sand Martins which I still havn`t seen yet.

As for the last week or more on the 22nd (2) Med gulls flew over New Hythe NW and (5) Common Buzzards circled high over the west scrub.

Two Ring-necked Parakeets which flew over Tesco Lake on the 30th.As far as I know were only the second record for the area.(unless someone knows different).

 I Saw my first SAND MARTIN of the spring this morning,over Alders lake.(3rd).