Sunday, 30 October 2011

October 30th (New Hythe)

There was no sign of the Great White Egret at New Hythe this morning.Perhaps it had moved over to Sheppey as one was seen there during the day.
I did however note two of its smaller cousins along with good numbers of Mallard (80+) Teal (25) Shoveler (5) (Redshank (1) Lapwing (7) Grey Heron (5) Fieldfares,Redwings,Water Rail (1) Bullfinch (4) and Cetti`s Warbler (3).

A ringing session in the garden produced (2) Blue and (12) Goldfinch.I have now ringed (72) of the latter species in the garden since the start of the year,with only one retrap.

Saturday, 29 October 2011

October 29th

A Great White Egret was found this morning on the Medway at New Hythe by Martin Warburton (opposite the Sunken marsh),might be worth checking out in the morning.

Monday, 24 October 2011

October 24th (Dungeness)

Bob Bland and I spent the morning and early afternoon at Dungeness.It was nice and bright,but rather chilly in a moderate southerly.
In all we saw sixty five species of birds,although three of these were seen on the marsh over towards Brenzett Tree Sparrow,Peregrine and Greenfinch.The highlights were Peregrine,Great White Egret,Gannet (100s west) Red-throated Diver,Bittern,Guillemot,Razorbill,Kingfisher (2) Goldeneye (2) Med Gull (3) Arctic Tern (4) Swallow (4) Glaucous Gull (1) Pintail (3) and Goldfinch (100s).

Friday, 21 October 2011

October 21st (Garden)

A ringing session in the garden today produced Dunnock (1) Wren (1) Chaffinch (1) Goldfinch (5) and Great Tit (1).
It was nice to see a Greenfinch in the garden,a very uncommon sight now.
The broad black band on the belly (above) makes it a male (although its not always this easy)
The contrast between the greater coverts and primary coverts makes the above bird a first year (hatched this summer).

Thursday, 20 October 2011

October 20th (Garden)

I was very surprised to see a Fieldfare feeding on Rowan berries in our garden today.Along with Redwings they usually only turn up during the winter months in snowy conditions.

Sunday, 16 October 2011

October 16th (Leysdown Coastal Park)

I spent the morning ringing at Leysdown 1x40ft and 2x20ft .
Birds ringed (2) Blackbird (1) Song Thrush (1) Wren (2) Great Tit (2) Blue Tits and (7) Long-tailed Tits.
Other birds that I noted were (2) Green Woodpecker (1) Meadow Pipit (1) Pied Wagtail (2) Chiffchaff (6) Linnet (9) Greenfinch (6) Skylark (2) Robins and (6) Bearded Tits.
I have now two records of Bearded Tits seen in the Park.The first was of a flock of eight seen on October 25th 1995,both flocks flew inland ( which were probably part of the species dispersal movements).

Friday, 14 October 2011

October 14th (Sunken marsh and river)

I had a look at the Sunken marsh and river again this morning.Much the same was present as on the 12th,apart from there being an increase in the numbers of Teal being present to (25) and the total was boosted by two,when I found singles of Snipe and Redshank.

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

October 12th (Sunken marsh and river)

Cloudy,light westerly 8:am-9:30.
During my visit this morning I saw or heard forty three species,the most notable being Little Egret (3) Grey Heron (10) Teal (10) Lapwing (9) Rook (1) Jackdaw (2) Bullfinch (6) Grey Wagtail (1) Pied Wagtail (2) Pheasant (1) Reed Bunting (2) Mistle Thrush (1) Cetti`s Warbler (3) FIELDFARE (3) ( over northwest) and REDWING (60).

October 11th (Dungeness)

This morning I went to Dungeness with Bob Bland. Rather unusually it was cloudy on the coast,but clear inland,there was a moderate westerly blowing.
Birds of note that we saw Great White Egret (1) Glaucous Gull (1) (this bird has now been present at Dungeness for almost a full year) Arctic Skua (2) Eider Duck (3) Sandwich Tern (2),Grey Plover (3) Dunlin (10) Greenshank (1) Greylag (350+) Kingfisher (1) Great Crested Grebe (30+) (on the sea) Wigeon (100+) Knot (60) and Marsh Harrier (1).
The morning was most notable for the numbers of Linnets that were passing through the area,probably many hundreds,all were mainly heading towards the sea.

During the evening I saw a Barn Owl along the road towards Kings Hill,West Malling.

Monday, 10 October 2011

October 10th (New Hythe)

A bright morning with a moderate southwesterly 8:am-9:30.
This morning I walked out to the river,through the riverside hawthorns passing Abbey Meads on the way,over the railway,through the east scrub and back along the Millstream path.
Along the river I saw (8) Grey Herons (2) Little Egrets (1) Little Grebe (6) Teal,a high count of 96 Mallard (60+) B H Gulls (2) Herring Gulls and (1) Kingfisher.Walking through the hawthorns I had (6) Bullfinch (1) Cetti`s Warbler and (2) Jays.The east scrub continues to be quite with just (1) Green Woodpecker and the only summer visitor of the morning,a Chiffchaff being of note,the Millstream path produced (1) Cetti`s Warbler.
All I could see on Abbey Meads was just (4) Coot and (2) Great Crested Grebes.