Tuesday, 21 March 2017

March 16th (Snodland)

I walked across the fields this morning between Snodland and Paddles worth and saw - 2 Common Buzzards,a pair of Yellowhammers (back for their third year),a leucistic Magpie (which has been around for at least four years), 1 Kestral,2 Med gulls,4 singing Skylark, 1 singing Blackcap and 1 singing Chiffchaff.

Saturday, 11 March 2017

March 11th (East Malling)

young bird (male Waxwings have a sharp border to their throat patch,the female throat patch is more diffused.Also males tend to have broader yellow tail bands.
I spent an excellent morning ringing Waxwings at East Malling research station (my thanks to Ross).This morning the flock contained 63 birds,6 of which were caught.The birds could possibly remain into April,as many of the apples remain uneaten.
wing pattern of young bird above and adult below.