Sunday, 25 January 2009

Wildfowl count and other bird sightings.

The freezing weather of December 08,continued into Jauary.On 4th walked around the Leybourne and New Hythe lakes counting the wild fowl.Mute Swan 21,Coot 510,Pochard 122,Tufted Duck 351,Gadwall 110,Shoveler 63,Mallard 33,Great Crested Grebe 23,Little Grebe 5,Greylag Goose 12,Canada Goose 3 and Goosander (red-head) 1.Four Goldcrests were also seen on the walk round and a single male Stonechat,which was a different bird than the one present in December 08 (less white in the wings).On the 14th a male and female Blackcap in my garden,which now makes 4 in total since December 08,when a male and female were trapped and ringed.All the birds have been feeding in the same Ivy bush.18th male Blackcap retrapped in garden (08 bird).20th,New Hythe,put up one 40ft net 1300-1400,hit a flock of Tits,5 Blue Tits,2 Great Tits,1 Goldcrest and 6 Long tailed Tits,including 2 retraps from September 08.In the garden a male and female Reed Bunting and 1 Mistle Thrush,which was the first since winter 1985.

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