Thursday, 21 May 2009

Blyth`s Reed Warbler Acrocephalus dumetorum

North Kent,17th September,2000

Bill length (to feathering) 11mm(from skull 16mm)

Wing length (maximum chord)63 mm both wings

Emarginations 3rd & 4th

1st primary + 1

2nd primary 5 < than point

3rd & 4th primary (point)

5th < 1.5 mm

6th < 5mm

7th < 7mm

8th < 9mm

9th < 11mm

10th < 13mm

notch on 2nd primary 13mm = 1st secondary

2nd primary = 5/6

notch on 3rd primary 10mm

Bill,brown upper,pale tip,all pale/flesh lower,claws pale,feet almost pinkish,legs pinkish.

pale bulge in front of eye,leading to just behind,pale eye ring,upper parts olive/brown,including rump,slight rufous edgings to wing feathers,whitish throat,very uniform looking,not contrasty.

On release it gave several Sylia Warbler like tacc,notes.

The person whose site the the above bird and the Greenish were trapped on has never wanted them forwarded to the rarities committee (and I respect this)the photos and discription are my own.

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