Friday, 6 November 2009

The morning was overcast and rather cold,with very little wind.
The lakes remain quite with very little change in the bird life,although Gadwall and Shoveler numbers are slowly increasing.The berry crop this winter is rather poor so any Redwing or Fieldfare that do drop in probably would not stay around in any numbers for long.
BROOKLAND lake,birds noted - Cormorant 4,Tufted Duck 26,Mallard 2,Mute Swan 2ad,2 imm,Coot 15,Pochard 2,Shoveler 7,Coot 15 and Heron 1.
ABBEY MEAD lake,birds noted - Coot 130,Gadwall 10,Shoveler 8,Pochard3,Mallard 2,Little Grebe 2,Mute Swan 1,G C Grebe 4.
RIVER (low tide) Little egret 1,Teal 25,Redshank 2,Mallard 4,Gadwall 2,B h Gull 50+,Herring Gull 2.
RAILWAY LAKE - Coot 32,Tufted Duck 20,Gadwall 2,G C Grebe 1,Mallard 1,Mute Swan 1.
EAST/WEST scrub - quite,Magpie 2,Jay 1,Blackbird 3,Song Thrush 2 and ( Cetti`s 1,west scrub).
STREAM SIDE lake - Gadwall 15,G C Grebe 5,Canada Goose 4,Little Grebe 2,Mute Swan 5,Coot 42,Cormorant 6,Heron 1.As I walked back along the Mill stream towards the car park a Cetti`s was again heard calling from the Elder scrub.Other birds seen were 2 Sparrowhawks and 1 Kestral.

November 9th,,cold,northwest,quite sunny.Abbey Mead lake - Red-necked Grebe 2,Pochard 150,Wigeon 4,Tufted Duck 200,Shelduck 20,Shoveler 7,Gadwall 4,Coot 200.

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