Saturday, 21 November 2009

Sandwich Bay,November 21st.

Weather,overcast first thing,clearing,moderate southwest.
Four nets were put up out of the wind in the White House and Haven bushes,although I stayed all morning only 3 birds were ringed,Blackbird 1,Blue Tit 1 and Song Thrush 1.There was also a few retraps,Long Tailed Tit 2,Great Spotted Woodpecker 1,Robin 1 and Dunnock 1.
Other birds noted were - a Few Fieldfare flying about first thing,Sparrowhawk 1,Goldfinch 30 and Snipe 2,the latter of which flew north over the Field Centre.

On my way home just outside Sandwich,2 Common Buzzards flew quite low across the road,they were being harassed by Crows.

During the afternoon of the 20th,I had a walk through the east scrub (New Hythe) the Chaffinch flock there now numbers at least 40 birds.I also scanned for the Bittern that frequents the Streamside lake but had no luck (1500).I will have to make a visit just before dark sometime next week.

Ken and Phil saw the Bittern on the 20th,so they must have arrived just after I went (Ken`s Halling Blog),JUST READ IT.

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  1. Hi Alan.
    Sorry that we missed you at the lakes yesterday. Have a good weekend.