Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Blackcap (recoveries)

My latest Blackcap recovery came from the BTO a few days ago.

T677258 was ringed as a juvenile bird at Leybourne Country Park on 16th June 09 and controlled at Icklesham,Sussex 49km,SW,63 days later on 18th Aug 09.

I have ten more Blackcap recoveries as follows.

V126668 was ringed at Icklesham Sussex as a first year male on 15th Sept 07 and controlled at Leybourne Country Park,49km,NE,4 days later on 19th Sept 07.

A430670 was ringed at Lower Halstow,Kent,as a first year female on 5th Sept 79 and controlled at Eccles (Reed island Site),Kent,17km,SW,as a breeding bird on 21st June 80,290 later.

A683267 was ringed at Hamble,Hampshire as a (2) female, fully grown but year of hatching unknown on 25th Aug 80 and controlled as a breeding female at Eccles (Reed island Site) Kent,132km,NE,on 30th,May 80,278 days later.

C745015 was ringed at Chew valley lake,Avon as a first year male on 6th July 86 and controlled at Minster,Isle Sheppey,Kent,238km,E,on 21st Sept 86,77 days later.

E925716 was ringed at Brandon marsh,Warickshire,as a adult male on 16th,July 88 and controlled at Minster,isles Sheppey,Kent,187km,SE,on 15th Sept,88,61 days later.

HP99895 was ringed at Gillingham,Kent,as a juvenile on 27 July,91 and controlled at Sevenoaks,wildfowl reserve,Kent,31km,SW,on 1st Sept,91,36 days later.

N124308 was ringed at Grain,Power Station,Kent as a 2nd year male on 22nd April 98 and controlled at Leysdown (Coastal Park) Kent,15km,SE,on 23rd April 98,one day later.

C894260 was ringed at Minster,isles Sheppey,Kent as a first year female on 13th Sept 86 and found dead at SDR Hauervig,Hvide,Sand,Jylland,Denmark (road casualty),694km,NE on 06 May 87,235 days later.

B725009 was ringed at Kroonspolders,Vlieland,Netherlands as a first year female on 30th,Sept 88 and controlled at Minster,isles Sheppey,Kent,348km,SW,on 4th Oct,88,4 days later.

C894326 was ringed at Minster,isles Sheppey,Kent as a first year female on 5th Oct 86 and found dead at Chellif,Oran,Algeria,1710km,S on 20th March 87,166 days later.

Ringing has shown that the vast majority of British breeding Blackcaps winter in southern Iberia and northwest Africa.It is possible that small numbers may winter just south of the Sahara in Senegal.Birds that winter in Britain come from a population breeding in western-central Europe.
Ringing has also shown that spring and autumn migrants in Britain and Ireland include birds originating in Scandinavia and west central Europe.


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  2. Thanks,I`m pleased you found it interesting.