Monday, 15 February 2010

It was nice and clear this morning with quite a hard frost,which made a nice change from the weather of late.Along the river Shelduck numbered 4,along with 50+ Teal,2 Lapwing,4 Gadwall,6 Mallard,4 Coot,1 L B B Gull and 1 Snipe.Walking past the Heronry I counted 32 birds perched mainly on the very top branches of the Oaks which made a wonderful sight and this time they all stayed put.Abbey Mead held most of the diving duck (Brookland was all mainly frozen over) Pochard 22,Tufted Duck 51 and 1 brown head Goldeneye.Walking past the east scrub small numbers of Fieldfare and Redwing were feeding on the disturbed ground from yesterday and a Green Woodpecker called.The mill stream path back to the car-park was rather quite although two Great Spots were dashing through the trees,coming quite close at times.Hopefully in a few weeks things will start to change with the first spring Chiffs and possibly a Wheatear in the east scrub area.


  1. Hi Alan. Surprised our paths didn't cross this morning, or were you on the early shift? Seems we had similar results but I missed the Goldeneye, presumably the same one that was on Brookland a couple of weeks back.
    Saw the ruined scrub area by the pylon, it makes even less sense when you see it.

  2. Hi Phil,The wardens must have known there was a Nightingale teritory there or do they walk around with their eyes closed and hands over ears,the who thing just makes my head thump.