Wednesday, 17 March 2010

March 17th (New Hythe)

Nice mild day again with the wind more in the sw,
The main interest was again centred on the river and the east scrub area,with 1Oystercatcher,2 Redshank and 7 Shelduck seen along the river and 60+ Fieldfare and 40+ Redwing in the east scrub.Over the past several visits Great Tits,Blue Tits and Long-tailed Tits have been very much in evidence,all three being quite numerous.


Bewick`s Swan 1 was seen on Abbey Mead on the 26th.
WILDFOWL Greylag 3 at Leybourne for most of the month.Shelduck 10 at New Hythe and up to 55 at Burham during the month.Pochard 60 at New Hythe at the beginning of the month,6 by the 28th.Teal 40 at Burham on the 2nd,18 on the 16th.Shoveler 2 at New Hythe on the 4th and 19th.Scaup 2 at New Hythe up until the 24th.Goosander 1 on the 20th.
WADERS Dunlin 100 along the river on the 15th,15 by the 31st.Lapwing 200 at Burham on the 1st,much reduced by the 15th.Ruff 2 at Burham on the 2nd,1 from the 30th-31st.Redshank 20 at Burham on the 8th,small numbers then until the end of the month.Ringed Plover 2 at New Hythe on the 13th,3 on the 18th and 1 on the 24th.Snipe up to 100 at Burham during the month,with 20 at New Hythe on the 31st.
THRUSHES Fieldfare 100 at Burham on the 8th,50 on the 29th.Redwing 100 at Burham on the 15th.
Bearded Tit small numbers at Burham all month.Wheatear 2 at New Hythe on the 30th,with 1 on the 31st.Stock Dove up to 50 at Burham during the month.L S Woodpecker 1 at New Hythe on the 31st.Corn Bunting up to 40 roosting at Burham during the month.


  1. Hi Alan. I wish there had been that many visible when I was there at lunchtime. Some of them must have left when you did.

  2. Hi Ken,probably the dog walkers pushed them off.