Sunday, 27 June 2010

During the evening Keith Derret and I ringed four young Kestrals on Don Tayor`s Patch.
When Keith was extracting the birds from the box not only did he have to avoid the birds talons but wasps as had built a nest in the box as well.

I have one recovery from the small number of Kestrals I have ringed.A bird ringed at Kingsnorth (Power Station) on June 15th 1988 as a pulli (nestling) was found dead at Watersfield,near Pulborough,Sussex,97Km SW,252 days later on February 22nd 1989.

Bird ringing has shown that lowland Kestrals are highly sedentary those in upland areas tend to winter lower down,many wintering in the southeast.Some birds may move to mainland Europe,young birds tend to disperse in a random nature.Birds breeding in northern Europe migrate southwest to winter as far south as the Gulf of Guinea,an unknown number pass through eastern England and some may stay.

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