Monday, 28 June 2010

List of species noted - Blean woods Heath fritillary,Sandwich Bay Small tortoiseshell,Painted lady,Speckled wood,Small heath,Red admiral,Holly blue,Common blue,Red-veined darter,Black-tailed skimmer, emperor,Lizzard orchid,Southern marsh,Pyramidal,Marsh helleborine,Western heights,Small blue.Hothfield heath, emperor,Keeled skimmer,Four-spotted chaser,Heath spotted orchid.
Only birds of note at Sandwich that we saw was one each of Coal Tit and L R Plover.


  1. Hi Alan

    I was in Blean Woods on Sunday with Mike Easterbrook (County Recorder for Butterflies)and also had clouds of Heath Fritillary, a fantastic site. We also got good views of Scarce Chaser at nearby Westbere. I saw that you had Purple Emperor on your list at Sandwich Bay - an intriguing record, where about did you see it?


  2. Hi Adam,looking at my note book I think it must have been on Rest Harrow scrape.