Thursday, 15 July 2010

I found myself at Dungeness (7:am ARC pits) this morning looking at a distant White-tailed Plover,a bird I could have seen on Sunday and probably a lot closer if I had known it was in the area.Jeanette and I had called into Dungeness on the Sunday but didn`t call in at the reserve centre like we usually do to see what was about.Anyway today I spent most of the morning and early afternoon hoping it would fly closer but it never did preferring instead to stay on small vegetated islands which are way out to the left of the screen hide.However I did have good views through a scope,a cracking bird with its soft plumage tones and long yellow legs.I have seen the species before many years ago when myself and Bod Bland went on a bird watching holiday to Eilat.My note book reports we saw one bird on the salt pans there but it flew off before we had a chance to see it properly,so to be able to watch this bird today over such a long period was very pleasing.
Other notable birds seen from the screen were - Little Egret 3, Med Gull 1, Green Sandpiper 2,Common Sandpiper 1,L R Plover 1 and Garganey 1.I aso had a short visit out along the Denge marsh road seeing - Bittern 1,G W Egret 1 and Purple Heron 1,what a day---GREAT.

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