Saturday, 24 July 2010

July 24th (Cuxton river at Pools)

Remaining bright and warm.river (high water) birds seen - several L B B Gulls,20+ B h Gulls and 2 ad and 3 Juv Shelduck.
Pools birds seen - Little Egret 1,Lapwing 5,Kingfisher 1,B h Gull 26,L B B Gull 1 and Common Sandpiper 1.

Has anyone else noticed a fall off this year in local Buzzards sightings.Only last year I was seeing birds practically every time I went out (North Downs/Birling/Halling/Wouldham/Burham).


  1. Hi Alan

    I saw 2 Buzzards without really looking for them over the Downs at Wouldham last Sunday. Mind you I had 2 over East Malling Heath on Wednesday - somewhere I've never seen them before, perhaps some of the Medway Gap birds have moved my way!


  2. Hi Alan.
    I've logged just 5 sightings of Buzzards from New Hythe so far since 1st Jan 2010, the last being on 28th May.
    I've also had no sightings from my garden. In previous years we've had a few soaring over but none so far this year.

  3. Thanks for that,maybe with all this fine weather this year the birds are flying higher (out of sight)