Monday, 26 July 2010

July 26th (New Hythe)

7:45-9:30am.cloudy northwest.Most of the young Herons in the Heronry on Eccles island have now fledged,recent estimates of occupied nests there have been between 30-40.I remember recording the first instance of nesting on the island with one pair in the spring of 1993,the year winter shooting was stopped on the island.
On the walk round the lakes this morning far fewer birds were singing just 2 Reed Warbler,2 Blackcap,1 Blackbird,and 2 Song Thrush.Along the river which was low I had 25+ B h Gulls,2 Herring Gulls,5 Mallard,7 Canada Geese and 1 Common Tern,the latter of which was on the gravel island opposite the small wood and was probably one of the birds that frequents Brookland lake.Both of the scrub areas were rather quite,just a small mixed Tit flock,1 Green Woodpecker,1 Chiffchaff and 1 Nightingale family.This July I have heard far less of the Nightingales than in past years (whistles and croaking call,used mainly when with young).I have a feeling that some pairs may have failed in their nesting attempt,which is probably not surprising considering the increase in thoughtless dog walkers.I would be interested if anyone knows whether the pylon (east scrub bird) stayed on territory this spring ( most of its territory was reduced to ground level not long before it arrived back).Only I heard it for a short while when the birds first arrived back,but then I have a feeling it might have moved across to the railway lake area where 3 birds were singing against each other in quite a small area of scrub by the entrance gate to the central causeway.
On the way back to the car along the millstream I had another Green Woodpecker,1 Great spot and the usual small flock of Goldfinch feeding on the thistles that border part of the stream.

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