Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Clear and bright with a brisk SW wind.8:30am-10:am (river low).
Although I had a rather low species count of only 29 birds I did see two birds of note,Stonechat and Whinchat,firsts for this autumn.The adult Common Seal was also seen again.
Full list of birds seen - Canada Goose (15),Mallard (4) Moorhen (2) Little Egret (2) B H Gull (100+) Common Gull (4) Herring Gull (40) G B B Gull (3) Carrion Crow (6) Jackdaw (4) Magpie (8) Starling (15) Swallow (2) Blue Tit (6) Goldfinch (8) Yellowhammer (2) Common Whitethroat (2) Robin (1) Wood Pigeon (20) Collared Dove (6) Greenfinch (2) Chaffinch (2) Blackbird (1) Stonechat (1) Whinchat (1) Reed Bunting (1) Kestral (1) Dunnock (1) and Green Woodpecker (1).


  1. Hi Alan. I was down there from 11am to 1pm but the tide was in. I thought I saw a possible Whinchat, but couldn't swear to it. Where did you see it. Nice photo's.

  2. Ken,both birds were along the dyke towards the northern end,salt marsh area.Nice trip to Grove the other day Ken,2 Crakes,your getting greedy.