Thursday, 19 August 2010

I was ringing in the east scrub between 5.30am-8.30 am (1x30ft) it was clear and calm.
Birds ringed - Blackcap 2,Blue Tit 4,Great Tit 1,Common Whitethroat 1,L T Tit 2 and Chiffchaff 4.I had 1 re trap (Blue Tit) it was ringed in the east scrub as a adult male on 31-07-09.

Birds seen - G S Woodpecker 1,Green Woodpecker 2,Willow Warbler 1,Song Thrush 1,Lesser Whitethroat 3,Goldfinch 8,Chaffinch 5,Greenfinch 8,Nightingale 2 and Redstart 1 (female).The latter bird was seen in the small Oak on the edge of the track which runs between the east and west scrub areas.

During the afternoon 3 Common Buzzards were seen over the Downs at Wouldham.


  1. Hi Alan.
    Well done on finding the female Redstart.

  2. Hi Ken,Phil first found it yesterday.