Friday, 6 August 2010


WILDFOWL Barnacle Goose 2 at New Hythe 28th, Canada Goose 100 at New Hythe 29th,Pochard 1 Abbey Mead 10th,Tufted Duck 50 Abbey Mead 10th.WADERS Green Sandpiper 2 at New Hythe 16th,Lapwing 250 at Burham 30th.TERNS Comic Tern 29 over New Hythe SW 15th,Black Tern 1 Abbey Mead 7th.STOCK DOVE 30 at Burham 30th.COMMON SWIFT 2 at New Hythe 30th.L S Woodpecker 1 Eccles island during the month.WAGTAILS Pied Wagtail 100 at the Holborough marsh roost 17th,Yellow Wagtail fewer than 10 at the Holborough marsh roost 17th.

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