Saturday, 25 September 2010

On the way back from Rye Jeanette and I looked in on Dungeness.I wanted to see if I could find the Lapland Bunting which has been spending time on the beach between the fishing boats and the point.I didn`t hold out much hope of finding it in the time I had available but I had been told earlier it spends quite a bit of time feeding under parked cars.I walked up the concrete track away from the boats towards the point.On the way I flushed about ten Linnets but there was no sign of the Bunting.On reaching the end of the track and with time running short I turned to head back,but just as I turned it came out from under a car and from then on gave excellent views at close range.


  1. Hi Alan.
    Well done with seeing the Lapland. I looked for that last week but no luck. Nice photo's of it.

  2. Hi Ken,it you go again look under the cars parked along the track.