Monday, 25 October 2010

Clear and bright river low.
Birds that I noted were - Cormorant (20) this is the most that I have seen at Halling.The fishing must have been good,one bird was seen with a decent sized flat fish.Little Egret (1) Herring Gull (6) Lesser black backed (2) Great Black backed (1) Black headed (100),Common (4) Little Grebe (2) Curlew (3) Redshank (20) Lapwing (10) Mallard (4) Greylag (4) Pied Wagtail (2) Meadow Pipit (4) Green Woodpecker (1) Skylark (2) and Goldfinch (10).


  1. Hi Alan.
    Nice to see your keeping a look out for me. That is a good number of Cormorants, I have seen double figures there before, that was in the winter, but never as many as you saw. Nice photo.

  2. Hi Ken,good record,must have been lots of fish about.