Sunday, 24 October 2010

Clear and bright,light NW. 8.30am-10.30am.river low.
Birds that I noted this morning were - Peregrine (1) Little Egret (3) Teal (8) Mallard (6) Heron (3) Redshank (1) and Little Grebe (4) all of which were seen along the river.Two calling Water Rails and (2) Bearded Tit in the sunken marsh.Two Pochard,one of which was on Abbey Mead lake,with the other on the streamside lake.The latter lake also held (2) drake Shoveler.Five Redwing in the west scrub,a flock of (80) Fieldfare which flew over heading NW and at least (120) Greylags on the big Tesco lake.

Two Foxes were also seen this morning,both of which were scavenging along the river bank

During the afternoon Jeanette and I had a walk across the fields to the church at Paddlesworth.In one of the stubble fields it was nice to see a flock of at least (50) Skylarks.


  1. Well done with the Beardies Alan, maybe they'll stay awhile.

  2. Hi Phil,I will have to look at Burham marsh in the near future to see in any are present there.