Friday, 15 October 2010

October 15th (New Hythe)

Ringing in the east scrub this morning 7:am-9:am.
I was hoping to catch a few thrushes today but the area proved to be very quite,most of them appear to have moved on.
Birds ringed - Long tailed Tit (3) Robin (1) and Blue Tit (2).I had two re-traps both of which were Long tailed Tits.

AAT154 was ringed in the east scrub on 19 09 08.caught again on 02 08 09 and again today.

BHV508 was ringed in the east scrub on 02 08 09.

While I was there I heard a CURLEW call twice but unfortunately I couldn't tell in what direction it was flying.

When I got back home I put my small net up in the garden and caught - Starling (2) Blue Tit (1) House Sparrow (1) and Goldfinch (1).So far this autumn our Goldfinch feeder has attracted at least three different birds (1 adult and two juveniles).
While I was in the garden I was lucky enough to see my first FIELDFARE of the autumn,it passed over heading NW.

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