Wednesday, 27 October 2010

October 27th (New Hythe)

Cloudy and dull,with occasional drizzle,SW. river was nearly at low tide.
What this morning needed to brighten it up was a good bird,maybe a Waxwing or two,unfortunately it remained dull.The main difference this morning over the past few days,besides it being milder,was that there was more Redwings in the area than Fieldfare.There must have been at least (100) with (60) of them being in the sunken marsh area.
Other birds that I noted were - Redshank (2) Mallard (10) Teal (12) Heron (3) G B b Gull (1) Herring Gull (1) Common Gull (2) B h Gull (20) and Kingfisher (1) all being seen along the river.Brookland Lake held - Tufted Duck (60) and Abbey Mead - Tufted Duck (25) Pochard (1) and Great Crested Grebe (6).


  1. Still no Pochard on Brooklands then Alan, or anywhere else down there for that matter.

  2. No Phil,its one of those species where the numbers appear to be falling year by year.