Friday, 26 November 2010

The morning was clear and calm,which made a nice change from yesterdays very cold northerly wind 8.30am-10.30am.
I only went as far as Brookland lake and the river this morning.
Four Lapwing that I saw along the river were the first for a while,at least along this stretch.On the lake the Slavonian Grebe was showing well and at one stage came in close to the northern bank.I decided it might be a good idea to wait by one of the fishing platforms and try to ambush it as it came past.However,just as I had got into position up came Phil Sharp and Greenie (nice to see you both).Of course while I was talking to them both,up it popped and not being at the ready I lost the opportunity for a photo.I didn`t give up however and moved on to the next platform and only after a short wait up it popped again.This time I was ready for it and managed to fire off several shots but although it was very close,I was looking into the light.You can`t win them all but then there is always tomorrow.

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