Thursday, 27 January 2011

A flock of (25) Waxwings was seen this afternoon at 1530 feeding in a large Cotoneaster bush near to the junction of Hollow lane and Benedicts road.The light for photography was very bad,hopefully they will still be around at the weekend when the light should be better.
I`ve been keeping an eye on this particular bush since the birds first arrived in southern Britain.


  1. Alan ,
    Thanks for the nod on the Waxwings , shall try for them tomorrow , hopefully .
    I've been watching several berried trees/bushes locally . The only visitors have been Woodpigeons .

  2. Hi,hope the light is better for you.

  3. Hi Alan. Good To know they are still about in your area. I am still struggling to catch up with them. Would you consider giving me a call next time you find out they are about. I will email you my mobile number. You did well getting a few shots of them

  4. Hi Alan, excellent news and another great local Waxwing find by your good self, and considering the poor weather/light conditions, the photos are good.