Saturday, 1 January 2011

Just a quick post to say the Goosander was seen on Tesco lake first thing and later during the morning it was seen by a group of us,which included Terry Laws flying into Brookland lake where it joined up with a Merganser that I had found on there a short while before.After only a short stay though it flew off in the direction of the Streamside lake with the Merganser close behind. Terry was very pleased as it was a New Hythe tick for him.Did the Goosander know that the Merganser was on the lake,as it seems strange that both flew off together just after the Goosander had flown in.

I have listed all my past records of Mergansers seen at New Hythe below.

My first record was of a fine drake seen on Abbey Mead lake on April 10th 1971.
1979 was an exceptional year for this species.One was seen on January 8th,with (3) by the 22nd.On February 17th,there was an influx of (10) drakes and (13) red-heads.The following day most had departed but at least (6) red-heads remained until March the 4th,odd birds were recorded up until the 25th.During 1980,(12) birds were present on November 12th,with a lone red-head from October 29th through to April 20th 1981.During 1982,(2) red-heads were seen on January 13th,with (1) on December 12th.On February 1st 1977,there was a pair on the river at Holborough.



  1. Hi Alan, good news about that Merganser(Ive yet to see one myself) and it is always a pleasure to read about your past birding stories too. Its great to be able to take a look back into the local birding past, through your eyes(and records). Cheers Paul.

  2. Hi Paul,hope it hangs around long enough for you to see it,all the best for the New Year.