Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Overcast to start,much brighter later on during the visit,rather cold.
Birds I noted this morning during my walk were Gadwall (30) on the river,with (6) more on Brookland,Goldeneye (2) on Brookland,Teal (35) on the river,Treecreeper (1) in the hawthorns along by the river and (1) flyover GOLDEN PLOVER.
The Bittern in the pics was flushed from the path which runs over the mound at Brookland lake.
It flew up and then more or less dropped down the bank into the brambles and thickets.I debated for a while whether or not to try and catch it,but in the end decided to let it be,as to try and catch it where it was would have stressed it even further.It was probably in a very weakened state,which seems a shame considering the very harsh weather it has just got through.However when I went back to the spot about thirty minutes later I couldn`t see it,so hopefully it managed to make its own way out.


  1. Hi Alan.
    What a shame to see such a fantastic bird like that in trouble. I also saw one last week that I thought was very thin, it would be good to get a very mild spell for a while now to help them out.
    On a brighter note, I met an old friend of yours down Brooklands yesterday. He said his name was Barry and that he hadn't seen you for about 50 years! Although he does follow your blog. He said to mention the Hawfinches to you and that you would remember him by that. An East Malling lad originally I think.

  2. Hi Phil,yes I do remember a Barry but not I think the Hawfinches,or do I,were they in what I called the airdrone woods,might have been.Was he the Barry who had a pet Jackdaw.If you see him again please let me know.

  3. Hi Alan, I agree with what Phil has said, its a terrible shame to hear of this Bittern's plight. Lets hope it survives the current harsh climate.