Tuesday, 11 January 2011


January 1982 started during a thaw from the very harsh weather of December 1981.The thaw however was only temporary as the cold weather returned again on the 6th,by the 13th all the lakes were frozen over,they had thawed by the 23rd.

WILDFOWL Shelduck (83) were present on Abbey Mead 4th,with (60) at Burham 30th. Ruddy Shelduck (2) at Burham 23rd.Teal (550 max) at Burham 19th.Wigeon (1) Burham 17th with (4) at New Hythe 25th.Pochard (420) on Abbey Mead 4th,with 650 23rd (300) were seen on the river 16th Gadwall (18) on Abbey Mead 9th.Tufted Duck (200) on Abbey Mead 9th,with (150) on the river 17th.Shoveler (1) at Burham 2nd,with 3 there 6th.Scaup (1) drake on Abbey Mead 9th,with (1) duck on the river 17th.Ruddy Duck (2) drakes and (1) duck on the river 17th.Goldeneye (2) on the river 25th.Red breasted Merganser (2) flying around a frozen Abbey Mead 13th.Wood Duck (3) seen on the millstream 31st.BLACK THROATED DIVER (1) was seen on the river 17th.BITTERN (1) was found by the Red Lion Pub at Snodland 4th.WADERS Ruff (4) at Burham 4th,with (3) 19th.Redshank (100) at Burham 2nd.Snipe (100) at Burham 2nd.Dunlin (400) at Burham 2nd.Lapwing (200) at Burham 30th.

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  1. Hi Alan, a friend of mine who works for the Kent Wildlife Trust has asked if I know anyone who watches the Pools near Cuxton/Medway Bridge. I know you get down there sometimes. He has had a request for planning permission and is inclined to put in an objection because of the wildlife impact. If you have any records that may be of use to him can I have your email address? Email me stevenunn1967@btinternet.com Cheers Steve