Thursday, 13 January 2011

The Redhead Smew was seen on Brookland lake this morning,until the unwanted attention of a B H Gull made it take flight.
I also saw (1) redhead Goldeneye on Abbey Mead,where I also saw the first of (2) Bitterns,the other was seen in the northwest corner of Brookland lake.The Gadwall flock frequenting the river was at (42) birds.

My total for Reed Buntings ringed in the garden for 2010 was (55),of which (38) were ringed in the first quarter and (17) in the last.
So far this year my total stands at just (2) birds,I don`t ring during very cold weather,so it would have been higher.I did however retrap a bird on the 10th (w.t.17.2gm) a female which I ringed in the garden on the 02 02 10 (w.t. 17gm)

My Goldfinch feeders held (19) birds on the 12th.


  1. Nice in flight pics of the Smew Alan. I see you've put your New Hythe list on the side bar. Very impressive! Your local list is bigger than my Kent list When did you start it?

  2. Alan ,
    Like Phil , I really like the Smew flight shots .
    I scoured the NW corner of Brooklands yesterday , but no sign of Bittern .

  3. Hi Phil,I started visiting the lakes,in those days Leybourne,back in 1963.

  4. Hi Greenie,Due to the dull weather they almost look like old black and white photo`s,which takes me back a bit.

  5. Hi Alan, nice in-flight shots there, and as Phil has said, looking at your local bird list, is pretty amazing stuff!

  6. Hi Paul,If my hearing was still good,I`m sure I would have picked up a few more over the past few years.Your Blogs looking good.