Tuesday, 26 April 2011

April 26th (Brookland lake)

A drake COMMON SCOTER was found on Brookland Lake this morning by Jerry Warne.I was in Maidstone for most of the day and didn`t find out until 20:15.Luckily I only live a few minutes away from the lake and managed to see it in the fading light,with a bit of luck it will be around in the morning.

Past records are as follows - Singles at New Hythe on November 27th 1969,April 10th 1971,January 4th 1974 and April 27th 1989,with two on March 12th 1982 and March 17th 2001.Most of these birds were found on Abbey Mead.

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  1. Hi Alan.
    Glad you got to see it in the fading light. Good luck with the Scoter tomorrow. Looking forward to some cracking photo's.