Friday, 22 April 2011

I spent the first forty five minutes of my two hour stay at New Hythe (10.00-12.00) at Hoopoe Corner (northeast corner of the Sunken marsh),although the only birds of note I saw there was a pair of Linnets,which I think were nest building,I did have no less than 8 Common Whitethroats on the walk out there from Brookland square (car park). I then went and stood on the Brookland mound where I was rather surprised to find Terry already engaged in a skywatch.Before I arrived there Terry had seen very little,but shortly after at about 11.30 we saw the first Buzzard come up over the Downs at Burham and then 2 more over the Downs at Birling,but apart from the sighting of 1 Sand Martin that was about it.

Phil I think you may get your wish (northeast east corner of Sunken marsh,now Hoopoe Corner and Brookland Mound now the New Hythe Raptor Watch Point,Terry I think is in agreement.


  1. I'm absolutely chuffed Alan, I feel like i'm on the map now. Will this be on the Ordnance Survey maps for the area, and what about Brooklands Square? I'm sure the Nightingales would vote in favour:-)

  2. Well I`m not sure,look what happened to them in Barkley Square.