Tuesday, 12 April 2011

In the rather chilly NW wind this morning 50 Sand Martin,10 House Martins and 30 Swallows were seen feeding over Brookland lake.The east and west scrub areas held one singing Willow Warbler each and I saw three Common Whitethroats,one was in brambles by the west scrub car park and two were along the millstream path.

I had six Wood Pigeons feeding in the garden today.The most we have had in the past is two.From 2-4 Reed Buntings are still coming in to feed and 2-4 Goldfinch.


  1. Hi Alan.
    Pretty much the same as you really. But I've just heard that somebody reported Osprey over New Hythe at 1pm today. Have you heard anything?

  2. Hi Phil,no this is the first I have heard of it,but I think I might try later starts for a while,to see if I can pick up a few of these good overflying birds.

  3. Hi Alan, some lovely phottos in the last couple of posts, really like the earlier Nightingale :-)