Thursday, 26 May 2011

26th May (Reed Bunting recovery)

I received from the BTO yesterday details of a second recovery of one of my Reed Buntings I had ringed in the garden during December 2010.

L529907 (3f hatched 2010) ringed Rookery estate Snodland 28-Dec 2010.wing 77.0 mm w.t 25.6g.

controlled at Spurn B.O. Yorkshire 22 Mar-2011 wing 77 mm w.t 17.8g duration 84 days 257 Km N.

Some northern European Reed Buntings are known to spend the winter in Britain.The above bird may well be one of these and was trapped at Spurn on the east coast as it was making its way back to breed.

The recovery I received back in March was L529905 (3f) ringed Rookery estate Snodland 22-Dec 2010.

controlled at Shorne marshes Gravesend Kent 29-Dec 2010 wing 76mm w.t.17.3g duration 7 days 14Km N.

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