Thursday, 16 June 2011

June 16th (Halling Common)

I managed to get in a forty five minute walk on Halling Common this morning before the rain started,the river was low.Birds that I saw were 1 Little Egret,3 Mute Swans,3 Cormorants,2 Grey Herons,3 Carrion Crows,4 Magpies,8 Wood Pigeon,2 Collared Dove,2 Blackbirds,4 Greenfinch,3 Linnets,1 Skylark,1 Blue Tit,1 Great Tit,50+ B H Gulls,6 Herring Gulls,2 L B B Gulls,1 G B B Gull,3 Oystercatchers,6 House Sparrows,3 Mallard,25 Starlings and 1 Song Thrush.

Yesterday (15th) I had 1 Hobby and 1 Common Tern at Brookland lake.

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