Monday, 22 August 2011

This morning I got up early with the intention of putting up a few nets in the east scrub,but a combination of strong sunlight and a few early dog walkers made it a no go.This was a shame because there was a lot of birds in the area (80+) Goldfinch (80+) Greenfinch (1) Nightingale 6+ Common Whitethroats (3) Lesser Whitethroat (4) Blackcaps (6) Chiffchaffs (20) L T Tits,Blue and Great Tits.

I did manage however to put up one net for a while on the edge of the west scrub,but it only produced one bird,a Chiffchaff.I think I will have to make a return visit sometime soon,hopefully when there is more cloud cover and no dog walkers. While I was there the only bird of note I saw was a Little Egret which flew over and went down near the Streamside lake.

On the 19th four Buzzards were seen over the Downs at Birling.

On the 17th a Curlew flew over our house (Snodland) at 1300 heading west.

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