Sunday, 11 December 2011

Six of us met at Harty (21.15) which was three hours before high tide and caught just over thirty birds.Although it was nice and calm,with a slight frost,there was a full moon,which very rarely results in a large catch.Most of the activity occurred while we were erecting the nets and for a while shortly after,which was rather unusual as the birds usually arrive in numbers from about one hour before high tide.
We caught five species of birds Dunlin (8) Avocet(1) Bar-tailed Godwit (16) Grey Plover (1) and Redshank (3).Although there were no controls we had a number of retraps,including a (5) year old Dunlin and a (14) year old Bar-tailed Godwit.

My thanks to Rodney Smith for a very pleasant nights ringing,spent in good company.


  1. What an interesting evening you guys had, and a privilege to view those birds up close no doubt.