Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Although the week long stay at Bentota Beach Hotel retricted the number of species that I saw during the holiday,I did manage to add Little Tern,Mongolian Plover,Whimbrel,Common Sand Sandpiper and Turnstone to my list.
BIRDS SEEN AT BENTOTA Brahminy Kite,W B Kingfisher,B T Bea-eater,L G Bea-eater,Whimbrel,Mongolian Plover,Little Tern,Red-vented Bulbul,Turnstone,Common myna,Magpie Robin,Brown Flycatcher,Red-rumped Swallow,Palm Swift,Common Taylor Bird,Black-headed Oriole,Spotted Dove,White-bellied Drongo,Common Sandpiper,Red-backed Woodpecker,Cattle egret,Asian Kowl,House Crow,Long-billed Crow,Red-wattled Lapwing,Yellow-billed Bulbul and Purple-rumped Sunbird.

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