Sunday, 22 January 2012

Bright,but chilly,NW.
I walked out to the Sunken Marsh this morning to see how work is proceeding to repair a broken water main that runs beneath it.All I could see however was the pumps still hard at work removing as much water as possible so that heavy machinery can move in.
As far as I know the work should be completed by the Spring.So at least things should be back to normal by the start of the nesting season.Also hopefully the short term habitat change caused by the machinery may pull in a few good birds.
I then walked over to the Streamside lake and saw the Goosander,Bittern and one Kingfisher.

This morning I had three Lesser Redpoll on our garden feeders.So keep your eyes peeled there might be a few around the lakes.

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  1. Hi

    Do you have an email as I have some birds outside my window that I have pictures of but do not know what they are